BC Vs. Calgary

i have to say i am waiting for this matchup to come, i think im' even gonna tape the games since i'll probably be too busy to watch them during the weekend! This is a hell of a matchup and it'll truly be a battle for first place! Calgary is going to have to pull up their socks for this game, but BC will have to also! Good luck to both teams!

That Sask/BC game was awesome!!! Way to go Wally!! I hope our coaching staff are watching tapes to see how to shut down the BC offence. Stamps did a great job with Mr. Williams on Saturday...lets hope they keep up the momentum!! My daughter and I are making the trip to the 'Left Coast' for the game...GO STAMPS GO!!!!

....have a blast man!....I attended the BC/Edm game in August at BC Place and had a great time.....love the ferry horn!.....Go Stamps Go, represent us well.....

.....Our D will need to be on top of it all, Peirce is really shaping up to be the real things and with threats like Simon and Clermont to watch over we will have our hands full, not to mention Big Joe Smith who ran all over us in the last game....but we have improved since then, our D is vastly more confident then when Mr. Smith put treads all over our unis....

I'm looking forward to the matchup. I'd love to talk Mrs Sportsmen into another road trip and catch both games, but it wont happen this year. I'll just have to settle for the Home game at BC Place.

I think both teams will put on a "track meet" and we should see lots of scoring. Both teams are very good and have lots of offensive weapons.I'll consider a Home & Home split a succesful outing.

I'd consider one win against the Lions very successful ... I'm fairly pessimistic about the upcoming home-and-home, just because BC has had our number. Although, we have improved a lot as of late, and we should have a better chance at stealing one now (vs earlier in the season)

Not a Lions Fan but,
Guess Lewis and Copeland should keep their mouths shut............ Simon wins

…you are god-damn right bart…and I don’t swear on a regular basis being a man of religious background…what a stupid idea that was to fire up Geroy into Terminator status…however, I was all for it before the game, I confess, as it resulted in some fireworks…

…Simon wins…'nuf said…

Not everyone can "Put it up" when being challenged about their manhood! Geroy is one of the few that has "put up" to "shut up" the naysayers. Wonder if Higgins is going to put a "gag" on Lewis and Copeland?

He should…both Lewis & Copeland (neither of whom are very good) have done nothing but embarrass their team, and their teammates.

Simon has 40% more TD’s than the two of them combined. Their total yardage, combined, is just under 12.5% over Geroy’s…not much of a difference, and Copeland hasn’t even broken 1000 yards yet, and Lewis just barely broke 1000 yards.

Yup, Simon showed them who the better receiver is.

I have to disagree on one part of your comment: Copeland and Lewis are GOOD receivers, but NOT GREAT receivers yet. I doubt that any CFL team would pass up on acquiring either of these players, if the price was right. They would be excellent second and third receivers for any team