BC Vs. Calgary Predictions

BC: 38
Calgary: 35
Yeah, I know: I'm insane. Whatever. Casey has this opportunity to begin the comeback. Do I think it will really happen? Let's put it this way: I believe it CAN. The real question is: Do the Lions? Do they believe enough in themselves to make it happen? That will be answered Friday night. High scoring game, but McCallum pulls it off with 20 seconds left. Great end!

cal 27
bc 11

It could have happened back on August 07. Unfortunately it didn't and the Stamps have now beaten the Lions 8 straight games! Yikes! But that is all in the past and tomorrow is a brand new day as they say.

The Lions D is very good and should keep the team in the game. I predict a close game similar to August 07. To win the Lions need to:

  1. keep dumb penalties to a minimum
  2. Hold onto the ball and catch "catchable" balls
  3. Give the QB at least a few seconds to get set up
  4. Use screen and draw plays more often

The Lions measly 2 points on the season doesn't in my opinion accurately reflect the number of games they probably should have won.

I just hope that if they do have the lead late in the 4th quarter that they can hang onto it and pull off the win.

BC's defense will as usual put in a good effort and the offense will do just enough to squeak out a 24 -20 win. Hey , I may be dreaming , but the odds are we have to win sometime don't we?

hope floats.

18-17 BC

Da Lions by 7

Da Lions by 7

no matter how many times you say it, you cant make it happen :wink:

Can Yanis Davis break out and tip the table for the offense or am I grasping at straws?

grasping straws brandon browner is a bullet down field on special teams, so he wont have any returns

if you get a job calling football games promise me you won't go on about how you like tight ends - not that theres anything wrong with that.

sarcastic or not, in the cfl tight ends are rarely used so i dont think i would say that