BC vs Calgary game thread

Nice drop by Lewis... it didn't take long for the db's to let him hear it!

Typical Stamp playoff game. I've seen too many of these now!

yup. Burris is chokin!

but so is their defense...

It's early, I think the D is doing a decent job so far.

Stupid, stupid call. Your defense hasn't let them score all game. You don't just give them 2 points. Make them earn it.

I'm surprised the Lions are giving up 2. The way their "D" has played so far

That bent knee looked ugly.

Not as entertaining a game as the East Final ............. yet............

Is is just me or did Glen Suitor have like 50 cups of coffee before this one? Man he sounds overly hyper today.....

Hope this games gets a bit more exciting. Logan is definitely doing his part :thup:

Did Cuthbert and Suiter jinx the Stamps? They mentioned how Calgary ran all over the Lions in the regular season, putting up almost 600 yards. But now Logan is doing all the trampling. He has 92 yards, and we're not even at halftime yet... :?

It's going to be a Leo route unless Calgary gets their heads out of their rears!

Well, the Lions will have to put up more than FGs for it to be a rout. :lol:

This half can't end soon enough.

Yes he is, just shy of 100 yards so far.

Did Cuthbert just say, "It is again a 10 point lead"? :lol:

McCallum's making some good tackles today. Fortunately for the Leo's.

That's what the Stamps need from Reynolds.

Fantastic grab. :thup:

That was huge!!!

Too bad the Lions couldn't get in the endzone. The Stamps offence has confidence now.