BC vs Calgary game thread

Todays the day we shall find out whos going to the big show. Last week the lions handed the riders a beating. This week its the stamps trying to defend their home field advantage and the right to go to the grey cup.

BC as any other team thrieves on emotion. Last week apparently Lloyd started a per game rucus to fire up the Lions. What will it be today????

Floyd lights Leos' fire
Pregame shoving match turned up heat
Lowell Ullrich, The Province
Published: Thursday, November 13, 2008
There were 150 plays run in the game that propelled the Lions into the West Division final Saturday, but the most important was the one that came even before the kickoff against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Do all the analysis you want, but there is a strong consensus among players on the CFL team that a pregame shoving match initiated by linebacker Otis Floyd had as much impact in the 33-12 win as anything that followed. Against the Calgary Stampeders on Saturday, his brand of inspiration may also decide who plays for the Grey Cup this year.

Floyd remembered the response from his team when he ran on to the field and engaged in a war of words prior to the 2006 Grey Cup game. He did the same thing Saturday in a manner reminiscent of a younger Carl Kidd.

Otis Floyd (35) is in the centre of a celebration after the Lions sacked Hamilton quarterback Quinton Porter in a Sept. 27 game at B.C. Place Stadium.
Gerry Kahrmann - The Province

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Font:****Floyd has not come anywhere close to matching his most productive CFL campaign, failing for the first time in six years to force a fumble and turning in his lowest tackle title in three seasons.

However, it's unmistakable what he does for teammates on a veteran-laden club that sometimes takes a psychology major to figure out.

"Barron Miles is the godfather of our defence. Otis is like that big, loud uncle you see at your family reunion," said defensive back Ryan Phillips, whose two interceptions after Floyd's outburst earned him defensive player of the week honours from the CFL on Wednesday.

"I knew all last week we were going to win, but when [the shoving match] happened and I saw how the whole team reacted, I knew we were going to blow them out."

Floyd shouldn't need ancillary motivation Saturday, given the stakes. Nonetheless, he was vocal the last time the Lions played Calgary two weeks ago and he wasn't alone, which would suggest more trash talk is possible.

"I told Otis before he needs to talk more when he's on the field," said defensive tackle Aaron Hunt, who is not shy at work, either. "He's more of a leader than he realizes."

And if it takes a few warm words to raise the emotional ante, everyone seems to be on board. "The best thing that happened to us last week was the fight before the game," Lions kicker Paul McCallum said. "I think I'm going to start one with [Stamps kicker] Sandro [DeAngelis]."


Apparently the lions need pergame tussles to get the motars running.

Looking forward to a barn burner. Hoping that we first see a great Eastern final then an even better Western. Also hoping TSN has their stuff together and doesn't make us miss any of the second game!

well, Now that the Eskimos have lost.. I don't care who wins here!

but I am cheering for the Stampeders!

I'll be cheering for the team that's behind in this one. All I want here is a close game.

Hopefully this game is a little better. Go Stamps.

Has Pierce always been a running QB...? It seems like he's had quite a few key runs in the last few games...

Climie and Dunnigan on the sidelines. I like that idea. :thup:

Needless to say, emotions are running high!

Should be interesting...

Time to open up some wobbly pops. I think the yapping helps the Lions more then the stamps.

No kidding... just a little chippy on the field. :? :lol:

Chippy both ways...

Wally looked a little upset.

Geez, two FGs in the first 15. Let’s get it going, folks… :expressionless:

No complaints here...

Buck is not making the throws he needs to make. At least he keeps them getting points.

He may not be making all the throws, but he's moving the offense

What was Jim Carrey saying about FGs... :expressionless: Shake off the rust, Burris!

Edit: That return should help get things going...

Stamps offence is going to wake up soon. Buck better start turning those fieldgoals into touchdowns.

Buck needs to because sooner or later Burris is going to.

Nice flop Hank.