BC vs Calgary exhibition game June 12

Ahhhh it was good to put on the old Lions jersey and kick back in the recliner to watch a CFL game. It has been a long winter.

Yep, it was just an exhibition game and many of the Lions’ key players/starters did not even make the trip. Exhibition or not there were some interesting things to pick up on. It looks like we may have a good punter. Jennings [QB] who played a lot, looked pretty good. He might make a good back up. Fans got to see what a 2 point convert looked like from the 3 yard line. The new rule for punt returns looks like a good rule. It’s suppose to generate bigger punt returns and it did just that albeit for Calgary.

Cornish looks unstoppable as always. Although in fairness to the Lions Elimimian and Bighill.

Travis Lulay? A question mark. A BIG question mark! He says he is not quite ready yet. The commentators said he threw regularly during practises. Travis needs to do more than throw well. He didn’t injure himself passing the ball. I’ll be surprised if Travis starts the season opener. I’ll be shocked if he lasts the entire season without re-injuring that shoulder of his. It is very unfortunate but I know i said it when he first injured his should a couple of seasons ago. I believed back then that his injury was a career ending injury. I still think it is. He demonstrated that when he started playing again last year after months and months of rehab only to destroy himself again. I hope I’m very wrong on this one but I don’t think I am.

It is going to be difficult finding another Travis Lulay. Looking forward to next week.