BC vs Calgary - Excellent game!

Congrats BC, that was a great game (I just finished watching it last night, yeah I know...). Great back and forth flow and one heck of an ending. Vernon Adams did well for basically "winging" it being new to the Lions.

I do wonder if Calgary would have won if BLM had been the QB though, just due to his experience in those situations (just spit balling).

Either way, WHAT A GAME!


James Butler was very good in that game. not just running but also blocking for VA3. other than some breakdowns in secondary, the whole team played pretty well. looking forward to VA3 getting more comfortable with the playbook and offence with each game. next rematch is must watch!


I hope VA breaks out, he has struggled so much in Montreal and I don't think it was all his fault, just like Collaros struggling everywhere until he hit Winnipeg. Yep, if the QB has no time he has no chance.


Nathan on the sidelines at last game was BCL lucky rabbits foot for them. Thanks Nathan we needed your calmness on sidelines for the team.

VA will be okay when he gets the hang of reading field faster. O-line gave him lots of protection last game.

Game 1 in BC was won by one point, game 2 at Calgary won by 2 points.
Will game 3 in BC be a 3 point winner? But which team will be victorious by that 3 points? They’re both strong at this point in season and both teams want that playoff birth.
We’ll be there with the cowbells to help “Bring the Noise” - our section is loud and proud.
Roar you Lions Roar!!

heh, yes first win since NR went down because he was there! dude probably throws better on one leg than half the QBs in the league on two.

ugh i wish i was going to this one. haven’t been to a game since before covid. now that i’m on the rock, it’s harder to go. unless it’s an afternoon game, it’s a 2 day excursion with the ferry.