BC vs Als

An entertaining semi-final. I thought the Ticats were out of it early on, but they sure made a game of it.

Well, the Als' D will have to come up with various schemes to "blot out" the Printers' factor. Any QB who is running not of his own volition will not be effective. As Printers goes, so go the Lions. Hope the Als work on good D this week. AC and the O will have to do their thing as well. Go Als go!!!!

No worries, ull own BC! Cats had a BAD game, Overall we were out coached, thats what it came down to! Our OC is a TOOL

Actually I thought the Cats has a great game! Both teams were deserving of the win.

Agreed. Luckily the Lions pulled off many more big plays, especially on those second and longs. Our defence will need to step it up this weekend and play the full 60minutes!

Or have at least a 28 point lead with 2 min left