BC versus Toronto

Mathieu Betts, a Canadian, played great against Winnipeg. Looking good tonight. And so is Vernon Adams with two big receivers back in the lineup.

Could be a low-scoring defensive battle - or not as Adams was just picked off!

Apparently when you put two good teams on the field together, they put on quite the show. :smile:


Yikes!! VAJ giving Argos a ton of breaks! 2 interceptions in their own end.


Should be 4.

He’s been good, but the D is giving up 7 ppg and he’s loaded at receiver.

Maybe we get to see the backup BC qb.

3 INTs

Adams is doing a good enough job of turning the ball over without any help from Evans!

BC definitely didn’t win that jump ball - no that the receiver had much of a chance!

Chad Kelly outplaying VAJ big time.

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Lions playing like Cats… so to speak.

Orimolade looks to be a big upgrade on JaGared Davis.

I know members of this forum wanted to go after him in free agency, looks like Toronto knew what they were doing

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So far - just a half to go. BC defense has been dominant enough that the offense hasn’t needed to do that much but they’ve just given up as many points in one half as they have in their first three games! It’ll be interesting to see how the second half plays out.

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No grinning from the Toronto coach on the last play.

17 seconds trying to get a FG. Coaching to win.
What’s that?

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Who is he ? Is he any good ?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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So, will VAJ have enough time for cryotherapy during the intermission?

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This has always been the concern for many with VAJ … feast or famine.

There was some criticism this off-season of the Argo’s succession plan to MBT. Apparently Pinball actually does know what he is doing.


It simple math: 1 Pinball >> 1 Drew + 1 Spencer + 1 Ed

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