BC v.s. Sask.

I think that BC is gonna win the game tonight and take 1st place. Dickenson hasnt played for a month and he might be a little rusty, but if dickenson and the recivers co-operate and work together we will be unstoppable. :smiley:

bc SHOULD WIN, OR i'M 0 AND 3. :shock: :cry: :twisted:

Total david and goliaie story tonight.

If BC doesn't win tonight I'll be 0-3 too! I'm with Kanga on this one, and that's a scary thought!!!

I hope that's not Dave Dickenson in the orange.

Nah, but that is Printers in the other counter. :mrgreen:

Score one more for David then. I guess theBible got it right =)

Go Riders!!

Funny thing is we always play well against BC…should have could have been 3-0 against them this season…But should have could haves dont count :slight_smile:

Dentor, a few more points the tank would have been in the money..
The Lions are a done deal for this year...
Pro line did not pay out this night..

Usually in the CFL, if a team holds another team to 13 points it should be enough to win but the Lions didn't so they didn't deserve to win. Defence was great all night but didn't stop the Riders when it counted. The way I feel now, I could care less about who wins in the Stamps/Esks game. If the Esks win, good on ya and if the Stamps win then the Lions will have 2 weeks to think about what they have to do to win in the playoffs.

Lions controlled their own destiny and couldn't get the job done. I still believe in the Lions but have to get their offense going.