BC trades Joe Smith to Winnipeg for Charles Roberts

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Huge trade. It will be fascinating to see how this shakes down!

Oski Wee Wee,

Will this help us get last place.. lol

I would take Blink Roberts in a heartbeat. Smith is a very good back, but Roberts provides a gamebreak ability in the passing game as well.

The crossover is looming larger now!

Oski Wee Wee,

Wow.......just WOW.

Well that trade just came out of left field!

I'd also take Roberts in a heartbeat. Smith is an outstanding example of his type of runner, but he's not a rarity like Roberts.

I think what makes Roberts great is his vision, acceleration off of cuts and just plain "slipperiness" squirming through traffic.

I think Tyler Ebell showed flashes of this style of play with Edmonton last year. Shame for the league that he tore his achilles tendon in blue team camp this year.

Quick edit: I think of Caulley as similar to Roberts in many ways, though he maybe doesn't have the same knack Roberts has for seeing how the play develops around him. Caulley is excellent though, and has shown great balance and drive in traffic. I like Lumsden as well, but Caulley is probably my favorite Ticat RB right now.

Huge trade. You don't see trades like this in the CFL these days. I think both teams will benefit but the 'Peg more than BC. I gotta give credit to both teams. Their front offices see the need for changes and they do something about it. Argos did the same moving Bishop and cutting Steinauer.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hmmmm in my crystal ball I see another whipping coming for our team thanks to roberts and the bc lions! :wink: