BC @ Toronto

This website has been on/off/on/off most of the day. Otherwise, we might have a better perspective on the game.

Sadly, it is rather dull and the Argos are, once again, letting their fans down. :thdn:

10-10 half way thru the 3rd.

Wow..... lots of interest on the Board. Gotta' admit that it's a weird night for football.

ALMOST back to back interceptions there.

The site has been down.

And it's slow as molasses in January right now.

Both teams have very good defences, which can make offences struggle. The game is very close and the excitement level will build as the 2nd half unfolds. Canadian football played on natural grass...it don't get much better than that! Hold onto your hats football fans, the 4th Q is set to begin! Oh yeah, you gotta' be there!! :thup:

This is fast compared to the way it has been all day. Makes me wonder if someone has hacked it.

Looked for a thread around the time the game began but saw nothing and it took FOREVER for pages to load. BC with the slight lead at the end of the 3rd but TO is knocking at the door and a couple of BC penalties have been aiding and abetting them. Probably just saved a TD but TO should be evening it up with a FG

I was just hoping for a high scoring affair as a treat for the Wednesday night fans.

Stubler must have really lit a fire under the TO defense as they've been more aggressive and giving Jennings a hard time all night.

I am a Ticat fans but I am rooting for the Argos tonight. We need to start beating the West.

Why would we want the Argos to win this game? It can only hurt the Ticats.

Chris O'LearyVerified account ?@olearychris 54s55 seconds ago
#argos announce a crowd of 17,509 tonight at BMO. #CFL :thup:

I picked a score of 47 (combined) and I highly doubt that it'll get there and maybe not even to 30! I was expecting more offense and scoring.

I totally agree. I'm definitely rooting for the Leos and hoping that they don't disappoint although they're in a deep hole at the moment. I NEVER cheer for a division opponent unless there's no choice! :o

No way! the East side upper deck is empty and lower deck looks to be half full. It looks less than the last game I went to in July when there was 12k. Area-51 is at the game and we'll see what he has to say.

A punting match.

Stupid penalty to take on the Argo kick Return this late in the game.

Man, I knew it would be close, but I wasn't expecting it to be so low scoring. I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps Jennings might be a tad over-rated....

Well congrats, Leos.