BC @ Toronto

This is my gamble for the week. I decided to go with Toronto. Come on, Argos! :thup:

I picked the Argos as well. I hate picking the Argos, because I end up cheering for them.... :x :x :x

:lol: :lol: I'm sort of indifferent toward the Argos.

Come on! Argos get a turnover on downs, and then give it right back to the Lions. :?

That was a nice shot of dude’s ass. :lol: :lol:

No kidding, that's a first since I been watching on T.V.

lookout league, travis has arrived :thup: :rockin:

Toronto never had a chance.

The field at Rogers Centre sure looks weird. How and where do they store the turf that goes over the infield when it's off that makes it so faded and old looking compared to the rest of the field.

Touchdown ARGOOOOOOOOOOS. :thup:

Not happy about it being 17-10, but at least the Argos responded with a TD of their own. I might try to work Boyd into the offence more in the second half. The BC D has been giving up a lot of rush yards again this season. Only 6 carries in the first half.

Did you know that Jamal Robertson, BC running back, used to play for Toronto.

I sure wouldn't have known that, so I"m really glad Rod Black told me that oh, about 20 times in the first half. . .

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Bring on the second half...

It's nice to see TO has moved on from taking stupid penalties...

pretty uninteresting game so far.

Oy. WTH??? 2nd and 3, and they botch the handoff. Good God. I'm thinking Toronto isn't going to win. My gamble is going to fail. :frowning:

There's a little excitement!

I took the Argos to win as well Chief. Oh no fumble, B.C. football. Yikes

Toronto gets it back, still hope or is it faith.

Helmet in the ribs. Ouch...

late hit too...

90% of the people (I'd say about 90,000 total) here took Toronto as well.


That's a lot of Americans cheering on the Argos. lol