BC/Toronto and Winnipeg/Saskatchewan games

true,true,very true!

its Dave time…i smell a win for BC…go bombers …hey kanga are u from Hotlanta or the peg and where do u live now? jus curious

Charlie…can I come to your factory and take home some footballs???

only if u find the gold 2000 yd wrapper


go bombers :smiley: well, im signing off for the night - i will be watching the game… and if you hear a big loud scream… its me :wink:

Good night sir

Thank you England for that late hit that extends the drive :slight_smile:


C’MON guys u can do it!!!



We really must remember to put England on our christmas card list for that one :lol:

yeah baby, if this pans out, all i need is the bombers to win and i got myself an extra 50 bucks

I am a Montreal fan…but…for the first game of the season, I think we are watching two of the best teams in the league right now!

This is a great game… 14 seconds left and Toronto looking to tie it up

FUMBLE!!! BC comes up with it… thats the game :slight_smile:

“Say goodnight Gracie”!!

i gotta give huge props to that T.O d line, thats amazing

All I can say is