BC/Toronto and Winnipeg/Saskatchewan games

I know that Hello There is going to start a Topic and post during the games tonight, so I'm saving him the trouble of starting the topic.

I want to say that I'm going to be watching both game but I'm going to be late going home to watch the BC/Toronto game, DAMN ATLANTA TRAFFIC!!! :twisted:

it's like the 4th wosrt in the US. I hope the traffic in Canada (esceily in Winnipeg) is better. :wink:

I've been and the Gay Pride festival (I'm not gay, but I'm a HUGE Gay activist) most of the day but I'm stuck at my Dad's apartment in Atlanta cuz he had to borrow my car and now he late cuz of the traffic, and I'll be late going home.

That's my story. :oops:

hhmmm, I'm home now and there they have been no repies? where is Hello there?

any way, it's BC 10, Tor 3 with 4 mintus and 20 secords to go in the 2nd.

Yeah! WTF is going on??? :shock:

BC just scored a TD and a argo is injuried! :frowning:

17 to 3 BC

lol... there was a truck that was blocking the 20 second play clock... the truck wasn't IN the endzone it was behind the endzone...but it was close enough to the clock to block it from certian angles.

OK, at the half, it's BC 18 and Tor 6.

I think not having the home game in Toronto is hurting the Argos, they better step it up in the 2nd half!!!

Yep!! that's a first for me....never seen that before.

How you didn't mind me qouting that Geo :wink:

When the third quarter starts, I'll watch and then report the score at the end of the third. Unless something intreresting happens, like a truck in the end zone. :smiley:

Geo can expian why. :wink:

Tony Simmons looking fine for B.C.

Well, now we have a game!

BC 19 Tor 13!

BC looks really good in there away unifroms BTW, so much for black!

Why are the some of the best front seats in the house covered by sheats with the argo logo! WTF!!!

Season ticket holders who didn't show up.

JC! what dickheads! I mean, I'll die to go to a CFL game! One in Winnipeg rather than Toronto but whatever! CFL rocks! So I have no recpect for those mother fuck ers!!!

anyway, where was I? Oh! getting close!

BC 19 Tor 16!!!

anyones game now going into the 4th!

BC 19 Tor 17 in the 4th

What the fuck is wrong will the 20 secord clock tonight?

BC is playing well, but needs to step it up, and DD's has done better and is a better QB than I gave him creidt for! Sorry, mate!

Where is the BC O-Line??? 6 sacks?? looks like they might have another 54 sack against year. Buono really has to do something with that line

What a great hard hitting game so far.

The CFL rocks.

Really want to watch the winn.-Sask. game but I have to be up at 5-am, will try to see as much as i can.


thats the spirit! - I'll be watching that game on TSN in about the next good 20 minutes or so... go blue bombers go! :smiley: I'll be screaming at midnight if the bombers win! :smiley: I believe

tor 20 BC 19 and the Argos are ahead!

FIGHT!!! and I though hockey was bad, but a liitle bit of bifo is good!

I;m noticing a thead in this game and the last game for the Argos, they seem to let their oppointents lead most of the game and then beat them at the end.

So do I, and I'm putting an all nighter to watch it!

the kicker in BC sucks!, had he got the last 2 FG's, BC would still be leading!