BC Streaker Boy Suing (as predicted)

The streaker who Marcel Young #8 knocked down when he interfered with game action has hired a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver and is suing Young and the Lions (who else, I don't know). Here's the article from CBC.ca

This is one of the downfalls of our society. Some lawyer is always willing to make the criminal out to be a victim. And society chases it.

IMO, the dude may have had brain impairment or damage BEFORE ever stepping out onto the field.

What a loser.
Got what he deserved (great hit!).

A few angles on youtube.

CT or MRI scans pre-WIPEOUT will form part and parcel of the evidentiary package.

Also, the guy's complete medical history.

A good, aggressive ambulance-chaser (attorney) will seek remedy for what he believes was egregious action towards his client - and bring in tapes and testimony that states most streakers are chased down and apprehended by facility security, removed from the premises and often banned for a lengthy time from coming back to said facility.

This guy was "blasted" for lack of a better word. So if his injuries are real (and by that I mean provable) he may have a case in front of a bleeding heart semi-liberal provincial court judge.

Still believe they'll settle out of court. My guess is if he's got provable symptomology as a direct result of Young's hit - anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000.

I suspect Dude Streaker is asking $100,000 to $250,000 damages with the insurance company putting up an intial offer of $10,000 in "Go=Away" money!

They'll meet in the middle! At some point the commission law firm will tire of actual costs for filing and paying a lawyer to show up in court. Dude Streaker won't be paying anything as he thinks his lawyers are working on commission. But there's costs, no doubt - and they add up!

considering that he was still wearing boxer shorts, he wasn't really streaking.

if he is successful in suing young, I hope somebody starts a gofund thingy

Why would they settle just sit back and fold your arms as frivolous and unfounded suits are dime a dozen . Let them spend money and time and see if they risk court costs being reversed .

I doubt the young BC boy knows all about perjury charge as he may still be intoxicated . Was he taken to hospital or to the cells ? Was he unconscious after the hit ?

Also nothing stops BC place for going CCC on him the TPA fine was a slap on the wrist . And nothing stops them from counter suing .

https://youtu.be/Fd9ojWDRlMI. Here is some NFL tackles here . 2:40 has some good police and security tackles better than the jets . One good NFL tackle .

In the BMO home opener for the Argos an Argo player hit the streaker as he came towards the bench so it has happened before recently .

https://youtu.be/l-QYOW4pj3U The hit is around 1:30 by the Argo and he falls hard .

It's a personal risk that you will be tackled if you run on the field .

The only suit if it's found to be unnecessary force but if he was tackled from behind
by police , security or a performer occupying the field it's no different than a front tackle .

The best is of course fan man .

May the right judge do the right thing. It's an FKN outrage that this is getting this far.. we can only hope that this moron becomes the next Darwin award winner.

Re-read the story.
He hasn't sued anyone...yet.
He has only hired a law firm so far.

Re-reading between the lines. This streaker-boy hasn't actually "hired" a lawyer - he's engaged a personal injury law firm to look at his case. These firms don't require the standard retainer of anywhere from $1500 to $5,000 (depending on case) - they work on commission. Their only initial expenses are time served listening to the kid's story, watching available video, evaluating medical reports on the kid's health, etc.

At some point they'll snap into action - and by action I mean initial communication (letters, e-mails, phone calls) with the Lions legal representatives. They will bounce back numbers (settlement demands & offers) for a time, making recommendations to the streaker-boy at some point (ie. accept this, its the best you'll get or give us a small retainer for expenses and we'll file court papers and try to get this in front of a judge). If they can secure $20,000 to $40,000 out of the Lions (insurance or fixed cost) that will be the end of it. Streaker-boy will have to accept a lifetime ban on attending events at BC Place, the Lions will cut him a cheque for x dollars and the law firm will take anywhere from X x 33% to X x 50% (at this point the only costs incurred by the law firm might be $20 or less for certified postage, a few bucks for legal stationary, and coffee or beer for their meeting with the streaker-boy!

Easy on this one. Things are totally different today.
Example of not allowed. Smacking your kid like in the old days
Beating a robbery suspect
Yelling and threatening another person
This case will most likely be settled out of court with a hefty settlement.
Key point will be" Could this have been handled better without injury to the person"
Check CFL Regulations on player fan confrontations. Was this followed!!
Just the way it is today!!

I wonder if the argument of a citizen's arrest could be made:

  1. Guy was indecently exposed.
  2. Guy was breaking the law by taking the field during a live sporting event.
  3. Guy was publicly drunk.
  4. Guy was unpredictable and a safety risk to others.

Young therefore acted in a reasonable manner (used the equipment he had on) to safely secure and stop the criminal. Important precedent to consider here: If this nets out to a fat payday for this idiot - the CFL fields across Canada will be swarmed by these morons looking for an injury to occur.

Young was not charged therefore it's legal .

If you run down the street and I hit you it's illegal .

Go in a school and go for a run in your underwear and see if the teacher has the authority to tackle you whether in the playground or in the school .

Private property has different expectations .

My point is a statement of defence likely has to be made by Young/the Lions. The drunken idiots lawyer is going to throw all kinds of crap out there about his client being a victim of a vicious hit (the spin will be ridiculous).

Which means Young's actions will need to be defended.

Worse yet is that society PAYS for it, both in the form of tax dollars to fund our legal system and in much higher liability insurance rates.

Can one of the legal beagles on this forum tell us whether it’s possible/practicable to sue these personal injury shysters for public nuisance, cost or whatever? Can they be jailed for contempt of court for filing harassment suits?


Because without there being a serious downside for these ambulance chasers, there’s no check on the cost they can continue to inflict upon society.


Still believe they'll settle out of court. My guess is if he's got provable symptomology as a direct result of Young's hit - anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000.

I suspect Dude Streaker is asking $100,000 to $250,000 damages with the insurance company putting up an intial offer of $10,000 in "Go=Away" money!

They'll meet in the middle!

What the British Columbia Lions should do instead is file CRIMINAL trespass charges against the streaker and CRIMINAL accessory-after-the-fact charges against the shyster filing the civil suit.


I agree. File every possible charge for every single violation this guy did, and let him think about how much this could cost him for lawyers if the charges stick.

If he drops his case, the charges MIGHT be dropped also.

The keyboard unfortunately makes it sounds like I am upset at you . I am not at the least with you or anyone .

Just hard to explain that Young was at fault for something unlawful we would hear he was charged for assault.

What the streaker is trying to do is make the Lions or BC place liable for the result of the tackle . That they had a shared responsibility for the result of him falling from the hit.

Not only want the CFL to defend it I want to see some proactive attempt to stop and lay more appropriate charges when the league needs to defend the players safety and the public safety with this type of threat that may appear benign then get serious if they attacked a player or an official .

If airports , airlines and stadiums can find a shampoo bottle a threat I am sure we can cross over and find a man or woman who runs on the field as a threat as well .

This is different times from the 70's streakers and I find it very odd the CCC is not being used for this act and only the TPA .

It'll be interesting how this case ends up. I predict that the Lions, to show good faith and to show that football players aren't "bad dudes", will mention that Young used some excessive force and that this will be a deterrent to others to use such force. But yes, agree with Iconic, the Lions, BC Place should therefore charge this guy with every infraction under the sun possible if he wants to pursue the case in court.

If airports , airlines and stadiums can find a shampoo bottle a threat I am sure we can cross over and find a man or woman who runs on the field as a threat as well .
True enough Hank. Try streaking like that in an airport these days especially say in Europe or the Middle East. You'll be lucky to come out of it alive I bet.

Sorry guys, "streaking" means you're buck naked by my definition...this guy was just drunk and stupid.

And, as an official, I would NOT have thrown a flag on the play....I saw it as a hard, but clean hit.