BC starter Jennings making only 55K ($41,250 US)

incredible as it seems, Jonathan Jennings is making only 55K this season while backup Lulay pulls in the big bucks even though Buono just recently announced that Jennings would enter training camp as the #1 QB on the depth chart.

and as an American his salary is actually just $41,250 US with the low Canadian dollar.

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"Jennings earned starting job & he’s making 55K. Backup (Travis Lulay) is making more than 3X as much." - Gharhemani #CFL via @sixbeamers

Has to prove himself to get a big raise. Has a good year, he will make a lot more. Doesn't seem that illogical to me. What's illogical is some guy out of university or amateur ranks signing a huge contract with no pro experience whatsoever and no idea if he will be solid at the pro level.

Collaros actually started less games for the Boatmen (vs Jennings for BC) and was awarded a $250,000 per year contract the very next season with the Cats.

Not saying Jennings should get the same as Collaros or even Lulay although it seems unfair for the backup to be making exponentially more than the starter especially if said backup is a clipboard specialist all season long.

How long is Jennings under contract again?

Edit: It runs through the 2017 season where he will make 57K. So really a strength in the CAD will be his big raise. Yes, a real bargain for the Lions.

Hoping he stays healthy and does well and it pays off for him in 2018.

....Wally got quite a bargain and that's what happens when you don't have an agent..He now has one and is making noise that Jennings will not attend tc without a new deal...Bargains only last so long and it appears this deal is about to be re-negotiated... :roll:

Yes I suspect that Jennings will receive a new contract that will reward him if he is the starter in x or more games and a substantial raise in 2017.
But Wally is quite comfortable in being hard line in some of these deals until the player proves himself.

Wally won’t cave, if Jennings holds out on Training Camp, Then Lulay will start the season and Jennings will be working in the concession stands at BC Place
If Jennings comes to camp and earns his spot and produces, then and only then, Wally may sign an extension with some signing and performance bonuses upping his salary past 2018

I'm not sure what Wally's supposed to do. If he feels that Jennings is a better option, should he then turn around and re-negotiate with Lulay just because you can't have the backup making more than the starter? I'm in the camp that says Jennings needs to prove himself for a full season.

Jennings should get a small raise laden with incentives re starts and accomplishments.

yes FYB, a modest raise laden with incentives would be appropo IMO as well.

Give Jennings at least an average backup pay as base salary ($100,000 or so) with something like an additional $3,000 per start.
If JJ plays well and is the starter the entire season he will garner a total of $154,000 ($115,500 US) which is still a great bargain for a full time QB in the CFL.

At 22 yrs old, Jennings was working in a warehouse after being cut by the Riders in mini-camp. He willingly signed a 3-year contract last season for a salary equal to about half the players in the league. He started 6 games last year...and now he won't report to camp? If he doesn't report he'll be suspended, until Feb. 2018. Using Travis Lulay's backup contract, a former League Most Outstanding Player and Grey Cup Most Valuable Player, as a comparison why he deserves a raise is in very poor taste. If Jennings thinks he's going to play hardball with Wally, he needs to give his head a shake. He should instead dust off his resume and get that $25,000 warehouse job back and be paid in U.S. dollars! :thdn:

actually, Jennings started 8 games and played in 12.

I agree that threatening to hold out is not the way to get a raise and only sullies the rep of the player (see: Williams)
that being said, Buono could at least offer Jennings a backup QB salary even though he is the designated starter.

BTW, did Jennings personally state he was going to no-show or is this merely a rumor like when Harris supposedly requested to be the highest paid player in the CFL?

I am sure it is another case of the agent taking control and telling the player what to do.

I remember Dickenson telling a story about Wally when they were in Calgary. Dickenson was backing up Garcia and his contract was $20,000. Dickenson started talking about more money as he was playing more with Garcia out with injury.
Wally basically sad nope gave him a map home to Montana.
Dickenson ended up making a very very good CFL salary shortly after he got established and for a decade after. And now ...voila. HC.

Jennings should ring him up.

A contract like that for a QB is an embarrassment to the league, and actually damages the league, particularly in a market like Vancouver. Buono is an idiot.

I agree with Xvys, Wally isn't a guy you play hardball with. And if FYB is right, time for a new agent.

Here is the story from Lions beat writer Mike Beamish

Lions’ QB Jennings wants more pay to play

[b]The B.C. Lions truly got a bargain last season when rookie Jonathon Jennings emerged as starting quarterback for a salary of $52,000.

Without leverage when he signed a three-year contract with the Canadian Football League team in November 2014 for the league minimum, Jennings’ current deal calls for a bump up to $55,000 in Year 2. He reaches $57,000 in the final year (all figures in Canadian dollars).

With CFL starters averaging roughly $400,000 a season, it makes no sense for Jennings to attend training camp in June under terms of his current deal. His agent, Bardia Ghahremani, will see to it that he doesn’t.

“Think about it,? Ghahremani said Thursday. “He’s (Jennings) going into the season as the starting quarterback, he earned the job, and he’s making 55. The backup (Travis Lulay), as great as he is, is making more than three times as much. How is that logical, especially if he (Jennings) gets hurt??

Ghahremani was reacting to comments made by Lions GM and head coach Wally Buono, who suggested the team might wait to see how training camp plays out before agreeing to a renegotiated deal. Buono doesn’t want to make a contractual statement that Jennings is the starter, without giving the 32-year-old Lulay an opportunity to prove he can be again. Although Buono says he has a pecking order established, it’s malleable, depending on how the competition for jobs plays out.

“It’s not something I’m overly concerned about,? Buono said. “The good thing is Jonathon has two years of obligation left to the B.C. Lions. When you look at the history of the Lions, we’ve always taken care of people who have contributed and needed their contracts put in line with their contributions. We’ve done it for other people. But I don’t believe the team or the player should be in a rush. In fairness to both parties, let things evolve.?

In late 2014, when he signed with B.C., Jennings wasn’t a big wheel — he was working as a warehouseman after tryouts with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and three NFL teams — and the Lions were in the driver’s seat.

“Jon did his first contract with the Lions on his own, unfortunately,? Ghahremani says. “He didn’t have an agent. It was an opportunity signing. Teams have a nice way of taking advantage of players in those situations. He signed for two years, plus an option. It was not a good deal, but it ended up working out for the Lions. Jon got his opportunity — and he ran through the door with it. It was really one-sided.?

For all of the indications of being part of the league’s exciting new wave of young quarterbacks, the fact is Jennings has started only seven CFL games (six in the regular season, one in the playoffs, which he didn’t finish). The rookie from Saginaw Valley State had a 3-3 record in 2015, completing 66 per cent of his passes for 2,004 yards and tossing 15 touchdowns. He was intercepted 10 times and ended up with a quarterback rating of 99.8. By comparison, the league’s most outstanding player, Henry Burris, had a QB rating of 101.0, although Burris started all 18 games for the Ottawa Redblacks. Lulay’s QBR in 2011 was 95.8, the year he was named the CFL’s MOP. Ricky Ray holds the CFL’s highest single-season quarterback efficiency rating — 126.4 — for the Argos, in 2013.

Injured and replaced by Lulay in the first half of a 35-9 semifinal playoff loss to the Calgary Stampeders, Jennings reported he was “full go? on a visit to Vancouver last month and indicated he is well past the sprained AC joint (left shoulder) he suffered in his final start last year. Jennings was in Tampa, Fla., last month to work out with veteran receiver Nick Moore, who was signed by the Lions on the first day of free agency. Both went to the same high school in Westerville, Ohio, six years apart, and have worked out together since Jennings was in prep school. Ghahremani says Buono hasn’t been pressed to this point while the agent and the Lions GM worked through a new deal for receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux, a re-negotiation for linebacker and 2014 CFL most outstanding player Solomon Elimimian, plus the signing of free-agent running back Jeremiah Johnson, all clients of Ghahremani. But that time is fast approaching.

“With Manny and Solly, free agency and other things that needed to be handled, Jon’s issues didn’t need to be done today,? the agent said. “But our kindness should never be taken for weakness. I’m just being honest. We need a new deal done when Jon goes to camp (June 1). We want a deal that solidifies him as the starter going into camp.?

Jennings has some leverage this time and some catching up to do.[/b]


Did this agent not hear Wally. Lulay will be given every opportunity in camp to retain his starter role. The agent wants the starting job given to him based on his paycheque. Suck it up, WIN the starters job, and then go talk to Wally. And don't be expecting 3rd or 4th year starter money right of the hop eighther, or it will be back to the Brick warehouse for this dude. Footbll is obviously his only hope of making any money in life, as signing that contract and commiting to it for 3 years on his own shows he may be a little challenged when it comes to common sense things that make one successfull in life.

Wally also said a few days ago that Jennings would enter training camp as the #1 QB on the depth chart (above veteran Travis Lulay) thus it is Jennings job to lose.

Good money for 6 months work. He was 3 or 4th string QB. And that's about the average salary.

Did he get a chance to play and prove himself. Yes he did. Will he turn heads this year and be starter??????????
Probably not. You can bet your boots that if he plays well as a starter or backup that his contract will be tripled by Wally.

Just remember were going back to Wally's World.