BC @ Stamps

Well the riders caught a napping stamps last week, maybe BC will get the same break tonight?

500 yards in the air is catching them napping? You have slapped Karma - see how it works for ya lol :cowboy:

Welcome troll...enjoy the game

shouldnt use words you dont know the meaning of :roll:

After your posts in the Rider game thread, you dare call someone else a troll ? I'm hoping that BC wins this game, but you are making it damn hard to cheer for them in this game... :roll:

The Riders could clinch second place tonight with a Calgary win.


The Riders could clinch second place tonight with a Calgary win.


You serious?

Just returning the favor that I was presented in the eariler game....you're welcome!

Go Lions!

Well the Lions will be 3 and 9, the Riders 8 and 4 putting us 5 games up on BC with 6 games left. We have the season series already on them, meaning we are 6 games up with 6 games remaining.

Good start for BC. Nothing would be better if the Stamps had to eat it again this week.

Ya, it's about time for BC to end this drought!

No, clearly you were trying to pick a fight with a Rider fan in the game thread... that is the mark of a troll... and I agree with nythril, the Rider offence played a great game, taking what the Calgary D gave them.. the big play. It was a barn-burner of a game, just like tonight's first game was... thanks to you, I'm cheering for the Stamps in this one... even though it means a second place finish for the green guys...

Yah did the math - didn't notice it was that far along in the season for anyone to clinch yet. Just heard it on the radio though that at this point - 5 of the 6 play off spots are now clinched - it is just the pecking order that is far from settled.
not sure if they are correct though ..... Think Hamilton and TO need 1 more win/loss to clinch a spot

Cheering for the Stamps! Have you lost it.

I did pick them in the VGCC... I could use a 4-0 week... :wink:

Ditto - my heart wants BC to win but the realist in me would have that as a major upset. I picked based on who should win - but would happily see Calgary loose another ( to keep the dream of 1st in the west alive )

Ohhh! So could I! :lol: I'm already 2-0, so Go Stamps, for tonight anyway.

All the same it seems unholy to cheer for them. They banned Ganiner! Who bans a mascot - waht next the cheerleaders?

nice stop by the D. Need some special teams practice in calgary

The Gainer thing is water under the bridge now... just from the way that some Lions' fans are when the Riders play, I just want to see them lose out, not only for second, but also to Winnipeg for the crossover... a WSF against the Bombers at Taylor Field would be great... not only am I cheering for the Stamps in this one, but for the Bombers in the home and home series against the Lions.. but I'm betting that those will be good games to watch, no matter what happens in this one tonight.. :rockin: