BC STadium Turf

i was at the game tonight and i have to say that new turf looks horrible…dirt was spraying up where the ball hit the turf and there were these ugly brown/yellowy patches throughout turf…BC should have just got new turf put in

The turf is supposed to look better next game. B.C. Place just got a machine that rakes it and makes it look more uniform, rather than looking like something that had just been unpacked from a cross-country truck convoy (which it had). They also play to improve the on-field paint, which was too faint

…wait a sec…I thought RoarLionsRoar said this stuff was supposed to be the end-all be-all of turf…I guess it is pre-season for the arena mgmt too…does it look like the players like it?..

i know they were excited to have the “new” turf but now that they’ve played on it for the first time i’m not sure what they think…

I like it. It reminds me of Commonwealth Stadium grass in November.

A few players interviewed after the game said that they liked it.

I must admit, the colours will take a bit to get used to!

The turf didn’t look great for the Calgary game, but it was brought in because it is superior in texture and feel, and is soft on the feet and knees.

It’s a compound of rubbers and dirt I believe and used in many NFL stadiums, and a few MLB ones.

Also note that it is an appoved playing surface by FIFA.

It will be a lot softer for the Lions this year, and I expect the number of injuries to decrease (Printers’ Turf Toe anyone?)

And I’m sure they’ll manage to paint it all nice and pretty for the home opener in July

Heard on the radio, that “brighter” paint will be used next game. A couple players after the game commented on the radio that it was a lot “nicer” on the body. I guess thats a passing grade.

Actually it is a combination of recycled rubber and sand (not dirt) with the grass being nylon, I believe.

One other thing, I have played on Fieldturf and it feels identical to playing on an actual grass field, that is one of the first things I noticed when I first stepped onto it and played on it. Can’t tell the difference except for the grass stains on a real field. An excellent playing surface.

yeah and Javier Glatt’s knee too! :smiley:

It didn’t look all that bad from the tv, but a first hand look will tell get me a deffernient opinon. I will be going to game in Aug. so I will be able to you shortly after that.

pff turf is lame. it should be manditory to play in outdoor stadiums with REAL grass. I think the turf is horrible, same with indoor stadiums…because its more exciting having weather effect gameplay, and the grass is just better.

its all in strips. it looks good at far distatnces but shotty up close. Its all patchy

For the Ottawa game there were still some gaps, I’m afraid someone is going to get a toe caught inbetween patches. But it is much softer…about an inch thicker than the old turf or so I’m told. What I don’t like is all that black grit that it gets all over the stadium. As for how it is put together…let’s get the BC Place guys some time to practice putting it up…I heard it took them about 2 weeks to put it together the first time around for the Calgary game