BC @ SK what happened at the start?

Did anyone see what happened before the game started?
I just caught the end of it on the radio but it was said that the refs had to break up a scrum before the game started.

Not sure but I believe it was as the teams were coming onto the field. J Armor perhaps? I'm not sure.

I am curious as to what happened?

PS: this is for Sask fans only it is in the Saskatchewan forum, I am a curious fan wanting to know.

If you have a beef with it take it to the main forum.

All that happened was when the riders came out of the tunnel, they go flying to mid field and Kitwana leads the charge and he likes to go talk a bit of smack and he was welcomed by a couple lions..the main guy being Armour..It happens every game but this game they got in each others faces and the refs came to break it up..nothing major, just a little emotion before the game.