BC Signs Armour

8) BC Lions have signed Linebacker JoJaun Armour, along with Running back AJ Harris and DL James Edwards.
  The Argos are expected to sign today WR PK Sam, who was released by the Bills on the weekend.

  Sam was with the Argos last season, and he is expected to be the replacement for Arland Bruce.

Good pickups by BC and Toronto. Hopefully That'll help drag the lions outta the basement.

8) Good move by Obie in signing Jamal Johnson so quickly when he did !!
   I'm sure Wally is kicking himself over that now, after seeing how well JJ is playing for us.

   I'm sure that Wally would have preferred Johnson now, over Armour, but that is all hindsight  !!!!

As Otis Floyd had remarked, it's nice that we were able to get BC out of the way before Wally had much time to try to fix what's broken...

As bad as BC is this year I bet they still get at least 6-7 wins.

Glad Big Dog Got a Job lol

I am super happy to see that an undrafted Hamilton boy has finally got his chance at the big leagues albeit with BC. My congratulations go out to James Edwards. I had the pleasure of being involved with the coaching staffs of two different teams he played for and he was a great kid to deal with.

I know that he has worked hard and gave up alot to dedicate himself to football so here is hoping that he can stick with the Lions and at least see some action on special teams. It is nice to see that his perseverence has paid off.

It is also nice to see J.A. off the Unemployment line :>)))

Ah yes, James Edwards. Mac's leader in sacks in 2006 and 2007. I understand he was a big fan of Joe Montford, which could explain why he's a DE. After he went undrafted, I thought he'd never get a chance in the CFL. But you never know what can happen.

I remember that before we brought in Johnson, there was some talk about how bringing back Armour might be a good idea. Well, let me say that I'm glad that after we signed Johnson, it's BC that needs Armour, and not us. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to see James making it in the CFL… I remember way back when Hockey was his main focus and him and I played together for the Cornation Bengals he was Goalie and I was Defense…

Im glad to see him get a chance…

Good to see Jojuan back in the league, I just hope he is truly healthy enough to play.