BC show Riders no respect

This is hilarious! First a fake field goal. Then a pass on 1 and goal??

BC is just playing with the Riders.
This is going to be another blow out.

Gotta say BC sure got an aggressive approach to this game. I think the Riders are just about to get another painfull evening.

The Riders offence is plain horrible.

Geez. With the first half almost over, Joseph has only 32 yards passing. Can't win with stats like that.

Can someone tell me again why TSN put Joseph on the left side of their QB list during the CFL's opening game?

Go ahead TD from the Riders with 55 seconds to go. That game just took an interesting turn.

Can someone please list the score? lol i dont have cable tv right now :smiley:


Another Riders TD 12 seconds after the previous one ! Talk about an end of a game.

Riders 32
Lions 24

Last TD was an int. return from Eddie Davis.

Not bad for a debut there for the Riders.

ok! thanks for the score Third! dammit i can believe the lions are getting rapped like that lol...

So much for the blowout, a close game, but that is the way the West will be for the season.

The Lions gave no respect to the riders, but blowing them out last week and Buono's style of coaching, i didn't exactly rule it out. What really ticks me off is the class of Geroy Simon and what he said on TSN after he was interviewed. To have no good words for your opponent after they just walloped you big time, and to actually exclaim that the lions are a better team than the riders, is just bull crap! you guys have the same RECORD geroy, that's all that matters right now. And you better watch our, the way the lions receiving corps are dropping like flies, you better have your head on a swivel

I do not mean to picky here but blow out 8 point lead is a blow out! BC is the better team just not today. :lol:

that wasnt a blow out for the riders, was just a win.

...where is that pennw guy...and i picked Fragile and the leos to win that one...nice ending for the Riders ..congrats..but sometimes you have to be lucky to be good...and good to be lucky..Wally must be in shock today.... :lol:

I do not mean to picky here but blow out 8 point lead is a blow out! BC is the better team just not today.
How can you say that they are the better team? I watched both games, the first one the Riders Defence didnt show up the second they did. Seems to me the both games were controlled by the green and white D!

If i was a BC fan i'd be worried! Losing key recievers, and not being able to hold the Riders offence to under 20 points in either game. What are you going to do when you play a team with an elite offence?

Speaking of losing key recievers, what happened with Tony Simmons???? on the kick return. Is he hurt or was he just shaken up? He was on the ground for quite a while and looked to be in condiderable pain, and he seemed to land pretty hard on his knee. Hope he isn't hurt too bad. He is very exciting to watch, just not so much when scoring against us.

Go Riders!!

Simmons and Jackson both recieved injuries I believe. One was the knee and the other was the shoulder

SWEET MOTHER! I'll have to watch that game on webcast later!

that's like me when I play Madden

the rider Defence showed up finally, and kept the team in the game until KJ could get his act together....

i think, as more games go by, KJ will start clickin with him Offence alot sooner....and when he does, and the Defence plays like this, LOOK OUT.