Bc should win tonights game.

With BC having home field advantage they should easily beat the Stamps. While Calgary does have a number of stats indicating they are statisically the best (#1 in the league)defencse it shouldn't effect the Lions if they strech the field early by using the deep ball to open up the running game. The way to beat calgary is by going deep on them. Their linebackers are always playing tight to the line playing the run. If the Lions start by playing the run to open up the passing game, they won't succeed.

I wish the game was tonight...

The game was last night

...I fully hope and wish the Lions win tonight as well so they will be beat up and tired for tomorrow's game....

haha! got me. Tommorows game then. :oops: :oops:

The game will not be tommorow night or tonight; it was played last night

Hey Gameseven, I admit I was out by a day, but you think the game was already played yesterday. That puts you out by 2 days. Perhaps your looking at last years schedual? :stuck_out_tongue:

In the eyes of players, most games are hard but BC should win. After bye weeks, home teams have been 12-5 in recent years. Besides, Calgary has losted 5 consecutive games at BC.