What a game BC played for us, and with a backup quarterback who looked very good doing it!! Yay Bc. Yay Hamilton we are still in it!!

I was not lulay fan But He did play well

Now I really hope AC heals up fast for their next two games!

Its not Just Cavilo this season The back up went 10 for 11- took advantage of Ti cats Corners, which is becoming the norm for all other cfl offences, because corner is now the weakest position , if only someone could get them to just knock the ball down @#%$#@ :twisted:

I just went on the BC forum and said my thanks HAHAH:P

May have already been reported elsewhere but A. Cavillo's injury is not serious and he is expected to play next week!! According to TSN.

I really can't say why i feel a team would do this but i really do think AC's injury was b.s. I think they just wanted to take him out of the game without having to explain it.

Yep. You're almost cetainly right, AC is not badly hurt.

The Cats gave a bit of a "clinic" to the rest of the League on how to put him on the sideline (he's getting kind of "old") that will be picked up on right smartly.

But the "seed of doubt" is emplanted in the Als today, and I expect they are fearfull of another run at the Cats, for its was only the zebra's that saved them today.

Bring it on.

Somebody is taking them down; it may as well be us. They have not exhibited an ability to go all the way to a successfull Grey Cup finish, nor do they play well in the "cold"

If we weren’t going to get a win out of it, revealing chinks in the Als’ armour is counter-productive at this point: it leaves them plenty of time to regroup and scheme against the things that worked for the Cats today.

I wish the Cats had pulled out the win to help our positioning against Winnipeg and Edmonton, but failing to have accomplished that, I would have preferred for the Als to go into the playoffs WITHOUT getting a wake-up call.