BC-Saskatchewan Game thread (July 13)

BC 8 Sask. 0 2nd quarter 8:30 left

Dickenson has been knocked of the game with a hit to the head. Pierce is in the game.

11-0 BC with the McCallum FG.

Brent Johnson with the fumble recovery off Joseph.

What a beast!

BC set inside Riders' 30...

14-0 McCallum FG for the Lions.

Armstead fumble on the punt – BC recovers

Pierce scrambles for the TD -- 21-0 BC.

Another blowout in the making!

29 seconds left, 2nd quarter.

Pierce looks nicked too...his hand?

21-0 BC at the half.

Looks like 2007 is going to be full of blowouts :slight_smile:


buck pierce and dave dickenson are both injured :o

yikes… wtf does BC do now?

Guess the D just takes over…lol

ouch idk but i dont no if buck pierce's injury will prevent him from playing tonight or not

maybe it was just a small thing that got better during the duration of halftime

if not.... then bc is screwed....well at least for tonight

unless they pulled ahead enough in the first half

Crandell is in to start the second half for the Riders.

wow marcus crandell is in the game

and was just picked off!

And is picked...

and now 28-0.......

Smith TD BC -- 28-0.


they were just talking about the third string QB for bc so i guess buck and dave are both out for tonight

i guess if the riders' offence get going they can get back in this.....or not

Boreham roughed on the kick -- Sask. keeps the ball.