BC @ Sask

Well as everyone hopefully knows, in the newspaper this morning it said that of course Dickenson is out, as well as Printers. So in this game we a have a good chance a bloody well good chance because they have a rookie quarterback that has only taken about 6 reps in a CFL game. He showed good talent in those 6 reps, but you never know because it was the end of the game and the defense he was against was disheartened. Only one way to find out if he's good or not i guess.

GO RIDERS! TIME TO BOUNCE BACK! MARCEL DON"T BE AN IDIOT ANYMORE! and please sit nealon for a game at least so he can watch and see what he's doing wrong ro soemthing i dunno. Give Crandell a shot!

You have to know that no matter the outcome of the game there will be severe whining going on. If the Riders win, it'll be "Yeah, but BC had a third-string QB in, if Dickenson or Printers were in they'd have won for sure, blahblahblah." If BC wins, it'll be, "They can't even beat a third-string QB who's barely played, our top receiver is out, injuries are still too many, blahblahblah."

I agree with you, though. Prime opportunity time here. I say start Nealon - but if he's looking sloppy (which is probable) in the first quarter, yank 'em. I highly doubt, with the love affair Barrett has with Greene, that he'd even consider starting someone else. Personally, I think Greene needs to sit down - at least for this game.

You should actually read the article. Printers is playing:
[i]Full fitness still the target
Sore shoulder a bother to B.C.'s backup QB

Lowell Ullrich
The Province

Thursday, August 25, 2005

CREDIT: Arlen Redekop, The Province
Casey Printers is chased by Tiger-Cats' Greg Taplin on Friday at B.C. Place.

This was supposed to be Casey Printers' week.

Cue up the highlight tape again. Call the NFL scouts.

No last-minute guessing as to whether he'll play as he did in two previous appearances for the Lions. Dave Dickenson is out.

The reliever is now the starter. Finally, Printers had his chance to show last year's most outstanding player award was no fluke, and he had time to practice.

But the distance between fantasy and reality in Printers' football life is still not even close.

"Far from it," he said.

He'll tough it out, but the lingering soreness in Printers' throwing shoulder makes even practice an exercise in determination as well as rehabilitation.

"This is kind of like training camp," he said. "Every day I wake up and wonder is this the day my shoulder will feel fine. I can't say this is the week I'm ready. It's day-to-day. I'm not there yet."

It means the Lions will not have a completely healthy starting QB when they face the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday.

And, for what it's worth, they didn't have a 100 per-cent healthy Printers last year, either, when he won the CFL's top player prize.

But with no starter in his way for the time being, Printers has become an exercise zealot.

Practice sessions these days can almost be split into three parts. First comes work in the medical room, where he will stretch, do resistance work, undergo heat therapy and toss balls into what trainer Bill Reichelt calls a throwing trampoline.

Once on the field, Printers will look more like Jennie Finch than Pedro Martinez early, as he flings passes around underhand. When the shoulder is finally warmed up, the old Printers emerges.

If he's not 100 per-cent, call Printers the 90 per-cent solution for the Lions.

Compounding matters is Printers' admission his toe problems forced him to compensate against putting strain on his shoulder. That resulted in a change to his throwing mechanics, which slowed his growth as a rookie.

"He needs to just get into a regular practice regimen," said quarterbacks coach Steff Kruck.

But the really frustrating part?

No matter how well Printers fares against the rested Riders and the CFL's top passing defence, he'll be the backup again the minute Dickenson is ready.

That was supposed to be Sept. 8 against Ottawa, but the league's top MVP candidate this year has now given himself some wiggle room as to a possible return date.

"I think it's a two-to-four weeker," Dickenson said this week of his separated left shoulder.

For now, though, this is Printers' team. He relied heavily on making plays with his feet when he got into trouble as a reliever.

As a starter, the Lions want him to walk through the game in his mind before he runs.

"The big thing is to give him throws that are not too hard early [Saturday], which is something the coaches are going to do," head coach Wally Buono said.

"Obviously he's not 100 per-cent as far as timing," said slotback Geroy Simon. "But he's good enough where him at 90 per-cent is better than most guys at 100."

Last year, that was true almost every day of the week.


Where: Taylor Field, Regina

When: Saturday

Time: 4 p.m.

On air: CBC, Team 1040

Get your facts straight before you post.....

Yes, Printers is injured. Riders need to put a pounding on him early and often.

where are you Riders' fans getting this info about Printers not playing.? or is it just wishful thinking? Win or lose, I don't need any excuses. The team that plays better on Sat will win. It could be the Lions, it could be the Riders. We'll just have to wait and see.

Sorry guys!! my mom mis-informed me. She stared reading the article and heard about the shoulder injury and i guess she assumed he wasn't going to play then later today she said he is and i'm like MOM!! damn. lol sorry everyone my bad! :oops:

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

I don't care who's in Printers, Dickenson, greenhorn -- I still guarantee a Rider victory like Alfredsson guaranteed the Stanley Cup!!

Did he guarantee it in 2010?

Well the Riders are due for a comeback game, and I'm betting its either tonight or Labour Day.

I hope I am wrong for you guys but I think this might be the CFL version of Custers last stand. I really hope I am wrong. If it does happen will it be renamed to Nealon's last stand!

Looking good in the 4th quarter finally the Lions lose! Wow good game.

Not so fast . You turned off the game to soon because we WON!!! Wait a go Buck!!!
And what about those guarantees???? What do we get because you were WRONGGGGG????? :lol: :lol: :oops: :shock: :shock:

Well what can i say, that is the worst show of offence i have seen for a while!! Our offense sucked, our punt/kick cover teams sucked (on two anyway). Why is it that our offence sucks?? Is it Nealon Greene?? I think the bigger factor here is Marcel! We were in the same shit last year because marcel was being an idiot, and then halfway through the season he finally changed up our offence and we got that beautiful winning streak. But the prob is he's just sutpid the first half of the season. I was just stunned when i saw the one play, we had an I FORMATION. I was like whoah! Marcel pulled his head out of his @$$ for one play call at least. We never seem to try running kenton on the outside, and we never throw long down the middle. I want to see us try and go long for Bailey, i dont' think we have ever given him a shot like that, so lets let him try. As for Nealon, I think he is done. Face it, Nealon just can't hit people in stride, has no touch on his long balls, and Marcel is too much of an idiot to let him scramble (except for the few times that Marcel did let him scramble and we picked up 15 yards most of the time, or good yardage anyway)! I think our receivers aren't playing to their full potential anymore, because they are tired of having Nealon under the helm! They just dont' want to play for him anymore! Thats what it looks like anyway. So i think we need to let Crandell play a full game to see what he can do, becasue i think he is much better than nealon, i think the only reason he was bad his last two years in calgary is because he had a "poor" o-line, and he got tackled ALOT, so he got very rattled up. But our o-line provides very nice protection especially with o-day back int he line up, so let crandell play a full 60minutes and lets see what he can do. And also we have pull Marcel's head out of his @$$.

Nealon played the whole game for another loss!!!!!!!!!!!!! at this rate maybe the board of goveners will allow us to use 3 seasons worth of wins so that we can make the playoffs?????????????? just joking have to find humour in the losses some how.

as Fred Wagman once said Read MY LIPS
Danny if you dont do some thing soon like change up the QB and give Marcell a wakeup call you guys Roy included just migt be looking for work sooner than you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After hearing Danny's comments we are DOOMED for this season....hmmm wonder what Kent Austin is doing?

Talk about bad play calling on offence, on 2nd and 10 we tried a delayed handoff to Keith!!And of course we lost about 3 yards on the play. Our offense alone lost us the game. I don't give a shit if the defense gave up 2 touchdowns in the last quarter, one of them should have ended anyway but the referees totally screwed up on that one. Our defense forced 5 turnovers and our offence got a gigantic total of 0 points on them!!Its getting to the point where its just ridiculous to start Nealon anymore. There is no need to figure out what he is doing wrong,because we aren't winning games with him and the offence isn't clicking. We have got absolutly nothing to lose if we start Crandell so why the hell won't Danny do it!? All I can say about this game is that our Defence totally raped BC's offence (for 55 minutes) and that I saw easily the poorest attempt of refereeing I have ever seen in my years of being a season ticket holder.

yes i ma sorry! I forgot to mention the refs. Isn't it sad that, already danny has had i can't remember if it was 4 or 5 letters of apology. that's over 50 percent of our games that had a horrible miscall! I'm sure he is going to get one in the mail this year also! The refs killed one of our drives, and kept one of bc's going! Not to mention what is really sad is, a bc person tackles, i think it was corey holmes OUT OF BOUNDS like 2 seconds after the play is called dead, and even takes out the referee on the sidelines, and still isn't called!! What kind of Bull$hIT is that?

Refs actually killed a BC drive. Does it ever end???

Don't even start with that. Everyone watching that game KNOWS that the referees screwed over the Riders. Not neccesarily lost us the game, but definetly screwed us over.

I already did start with that , and the refs also showed alot of favouritism to the riders as well only your bias didn't allow you to see it. But I'm not going to beat a dead horse so over and out.