BC Sask post game thoughts

Seriously, despite the fact that Rider fans and myself have been trash talking eachother back and forth this past week, I won't rub it in too much tonight. All those posts about how the Riders took the season series, and how the Riders will dominate, and how McCallum will choke are hilarious right now. There was never any doubt in my mind that the Lions would win this game.

The crowd of 50,084 was insanely loud. Probably about 4-5,000 Rider fans who were for the most part classy. I am just so proud of the Lions and their fans for making a difference in this one. The energy was just insane in the Dome.

Turkeybend, have a nice offseason, and if it makes you feel any better, the Riders still won the season series 3-2 :wink:

Job well Done BC!!!! Hopefully someday, Saskatchewan will get a chance to host a playoff game........

You guys will. Keep up the momentum (before this game) into next season and you could finish second in the West. You guys do have great fans and I'm looking forward to Saskatchewan hosting a playoff game in the near future. It's been a long time coming.

hopefully barret, shivers, and many of the players end up in toronto as argos, tillman is a snake and nobody trusts him, dude sank the ship in ottawa and will sink the ship in regina.

Well said. You guys got your QB now a little consistancy and you should be able to edge out Calgary, even though we can't forget the Eskimos.

There was know doubt in my mind that the Riders would win the game either. One of us had to be wrong lol

Speaking of crowd noise, I heard on CBC that the Lions use noise amplifiers in BC Place. Is that true?

I doubt it. I think they'd be fined/penalized, if I'm correct. It's in the rules.

Believe me, it's just sheer energy from the fans. I lost my voice (again) and it wasn't because it was amplified. We've just got great fans, that's all.

And, along that line of thinking, ALL fans in attendance were very well behaved. Respectful of one another and all just having fun. Way to have a great playoff game guys - no problems/incidents of any sort that I could see.

No. CFL went through that issue years ago , home team gets a penalty for that. You been reading riderfans ?

Great game. Im headin to Winnipeg on Friday to watch em

I think the closed stadium ampliphied the crowd more...but good for them...that is Homefield Advantage

You put 50,000 people into a dome and that's what happens. Toughest place to play in the CFL when it's packed like that.

If the BC fans think that 50,000 (10,000 of which were RIDER fans BTW), won that game for them, they are in STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER!

Ok, everyone put a shell up to their ear and heard the ocean RIGHT?



You guys are pathetic if you think your fans won the game for you. Rider fans will ALWAYS rock and make more noise with 17 fans in 'TAYLOR FIELD' than your ECHO noise in BC place with 40,000 fans ANYTIME!

JBSCAR, watch us on TV next Sunday in the GREY CUP!

This game was one of vindication for the Leos with all the dumb things said about them all season. Many myths were put to rest today.
No , the Riders never had our # , the games they won were very close at best that either team could have won .
No our O-line does NOT $uck , they dominated. Murphy is a very worthy rep for top O-lineman of the west. Who's the fat and sassy pigs?
And tops , All the rubbish said about Dave Dickenson ,can't win playoff games , fragile,can't beat the riders, blah ,blah ,blah etc.
Riders do NOT have the best O-line nor D-line.
While most rider fans here are being very classy so far, not quite so at Riderfans , lot's of garbage spewed out there.
JBSCAR fans did not win this one the PLAYERS did.
And most of all WHERE'S TURKEYBEND????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think your way out on that he didn't have real control in ottowa he has won the grey cup befor and he will do it again also he is good at getting corp. support

I don't know if BC still mic's the crowd or not, but having a noise metre on the scoreboard is definitely against the rules and nothing was done about it. If Saskatchewan can get a penalty (which happended this year) for the anouncer asking the crowd to make some noise then how is BC's crime not the same. And that is the argument that Danny Barret was trying to make with the refs after the 3rd penalty was called on the boys in Green. I don't think it would have made a difference after that point, and would only have inspired the crowd to be louder, but I still hate to see the rules not applied the same to every situation.
I don't blame the fans for making their team proud, and I will be cheering for the boys in orange next weekend in the peg. I just hope they don't choke like they did the last time they upset the riders.