BC Sask battle for 1st place...

Quite honestly I believe the Sask D Matchers up really well with the dynasty (bahaha) Sask by 7

Sure, I look away for a second and a helmet gets tossed...

Wow... couple of B.C. guys better be getting the boot...

yep, not the right guy though

that guy kneed him in the head and he gets to stay

Yeah, I don't understand that at all... There better be something from the league.

Rasouli should be gone. Got very lucky.

Wow great jobs ref? How is Corey Rodgers thrown out but not Sherko Hajji-Rassouli? And why no penalty on Chick? Wtf.

not exactly a flattering photo.... they kinda look like a couple of truckers who believe having a tattoo makes them stronger. my suggestion is not to let this photo get around the league as it will only serve to burst whatever mystic these 2 over rated mouthpieces have.After gazing at those 2 skinny tattooed arms over the last while it is obvious why the Lions have been playing their 3rd string Qb Yikes Wally

gotta love those ridiculous refs...commisioner better step in

Brutal reffing so far. Tyrone Williams roughing Kerry Joseph? Give me a break. 3 Saskatchewan D-Linemen on top of Jarius Jackson and they get nothing? This is getting out of hand.

Can't believe we're only down by 9 given how poorly JJ's played so far.

Shouldn't come as a big surprise to anyone.... the refs have stunk all year, why should today be any different!

Exactly. In theory the #1 ranked team is the team to beat, conventional wisdom would say so. The lions are probably the worst they've been in recent years, they're playing with a 3rd string quarterback and still tops. Whether or not you like it they're the team to beat. Ultimately it really doesn't matter who's the team to beat, we'll find out who's the best team in Toronto.

Rasouli is throwing punches and kneeing guys, and that's what you bitch about? Sorry man, but you really are ridiculous... I guess the Lions can do no wrong in your eyes...

The Lions can do no right in your eyes. Time to cheer for another team, the Eskimos lick this year.

Huh? Who said Rassouli shouldn't be kicked out? That's a given.

Seriously, that's the best you have? "The Eskimos lick this year." Whatever, man...

Pay attention guys.
In that mess at the end of the 2nd, Rodgers got kicked for what he did on the pile. Refs did the best they could in that mess. The D-linemen on Jackson at the end of the 2nd were going after the fumble.

No they didn't one of the refs was right infront of Sherko, he actually pulled him off the pile.

See I'm not a homer.

Unreal, but not surprising. Wes Cates fumbles the ball and nothing. Looks like the Lions are playing against the team in green and the team in stripes.

Here we go again, Paris Jackson gets thrown out of bounds and nothing.

I really hope Wally or Braley writes a letter to the CFL after this game.

Cates was no fumble. Whistle was blown before the ball came loose.

Agreed that there should have been a penalty called on the Jackson play.

The fact that Rasouli is still in the game should be proof enough that the refs aren't favoring the Riders. :smiley: