BC Sask battle for 1st place...

Straight up, who wins this one?

For me it’s a toss-up, Riders are hungry at home but the Lions are playing determined football with JJ finally getting comfortable in our offense. The key to this game for the Lions is getting out to an early lead and riding Joe Smith all game long.

Though logic would probably say pick the Riders at home after having been blown-out two straight games, I can’t go against the Lions right now. After all they’ve been through this season, to be in first place in the West right now, I can’t see them giving it up.

Lions 27-24 over the Riders today.

I of course say GO RIDERS! If our D steps up and actually plays unlike the last 2 games then i think the green riders will win. Who knows. I'm just asking for a good game.

Im stoked, found out I have tickets yesterday!! Riders will be hungry, and already know how to stop the run(usually) If we can make JJ pass a lot i think its a rider victory, if Joe Smith is having a good one then its gonna be tough...

Riders obviously! :slight_smile: Seriously though, hopefully its a good, clean, & exciting game.

Riders obviously! :slight_smile: Seriously though, hopefully its a good, clean, & exciting game.

If this were in BC, I think a tie would be possible. But since its in Regina, the Riders have the automatic 13th man advantage (the fanatical crowd)

BC won their last game in Regina 42-12 with relative ease.

This is a big game. I think it's bigger for the riders but BC needs to win. We've been struggling. I'd be nice to get back on a roll, while giving ourselves some breathing room.

The Riders have a lot to prove in this one, that they can play with the big boys. Lions have proven they are the team to beat this season, even with JJ at quarterback. While I think this game does mean more for the Riders, the Lions should still take it very seriously. That Western Final at BC Place is what we're playing for right now, and I don't think any team will want to face us under the Dome in November.

I wouldn't exactly say the Lions are "clearly" the team to beat, but they are one of them.

Given the fact that we're first in the West and tied for first in the CFL with our third-string QB starting his 5th game, I would say that we are the team to beat.

Just my opinion.

Yeah, I agree BC is the team to beat, certainly in the west. Out east it's obviously Winnipeg. I really want to play Winnipeg again so we can match up with them, considering they won at the end last time.

Can't wait for the game.

redwhite2005, who are you cheering for? Sask or BC?

I hope the riders win.

34-17 riders.

Thought this game started at 7:30... in he process of rushing dinner. Probably gonna miss the first quarter!

Go Sask! I like them more than B.C., and I picked them in the VGCC, and I really don't wanna fall to 0-2... :?

That clearly comes across like a homer opinion. Any one of Calgary, SK or BC are the top in the West. Virtually interchangeable any given week. Winnipeg is thus far the class of the East.

Those 3 teams are going to battle until the end of the season. That doesn't change the fact that BC is the team to beat.

Why is BC the team to beat? Usually that term is reserved for a team that is head and shoulders above the rest or the standard against which other teams are measured. If three teams are really even, then no one team is "the team" to beat.

It's RLR... all you need to know. :wink:

And how 'bout Lee... "All you have to do is break the front of the goal line. That's the yellow stripe."

Gee, thanks. :roll:

Its called being grey cup champs, that makes you the team to beat. Doesnt hurt that they are in the mix at the top of the west.