BC Ripe For the Taking

IIRC, Greg Marshall had his (surprising) first win as head coach against B.C. in B.C.... similar circumstances.

Miracles can happen :slight_smile:


All of the odd makers are saying that we'll be blown out of BC Place.

Count me in the group that says, "this is a good thing!"

This would be a good time for our boys to overcome their adversity and rocket to a win.

Imagine the impact a win against the best team in the country would have on the morale of the Ticat players and coaches.

Its happened in the past. Make a team underdogs and rate them as low as you will, and watch them come out fighting.

Go get em, Cats! They are ripe for the plucking!

Sure, why not.

BC are good, but they're going to lose four or five games this year, and it won't always be to the teams you'd expect.

Hamilton will win five or six games this year and it won't always be against the teams you'd expect.

BC SHOULD beat the Cats, and nine out of ten times they would, but there's no reason this can't be that other time.

So sure, why not.

Hey there deputy Fife,

Guess what buddy, BC is going to lose their first game this Thurs. and get ready Toronto is next.
I predict that the Stamps kick their asses on Saturday. :cowboy:

You do know Ballard is Pushing up the Roses.

He was obviously joking..

Wherever Harold is, I'm sure Yolanda is at his side.

An Argo-Cat fan

July 17, 2007 Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator

'On paper it's the 3-0 B.C. Lions set
to host the 0-3 Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The Canadian Football League's

only undefeated club versus
the league's only winless crew.

A mismatch. On paper.

But numbers can be misleading.

For example, one might ask

which of those two teams has produced
more offensive yardage this season.

B.C. right? Nope.

Hamilton has mounted 904 yards of total offence
compared to the Lions' 788.

What that says is that B.C. is scoring
lots of points with a big-play offence.'

click here

Can Pierce's pulsating passing paw provide
enough power to produce big play results?

Let me just say that Thursday's game
will not be the much assumed mauling

but a fur flying, 'knock 'em down
drag 'em out' hard fought cat fight.

Our O-line and D-line's are where
a big improvement will be noticed.

Short week of practice gives us hardly any time to prepare for BC and the long flight out is a recipe for disaster.

Another big loss.