BC Ripe For the Taking

At 3 and 0 and with us 0 and 3, BC is sure to underestimate our abilities. Looks like Buck Pierce will play, but I don't think he'll be 100%. If we can get Tay Cody back, and move Karikari over to safety, then that will help solidify our defense. With a new offensive philosophy of toggling Maas and Chang, we should be able to keep their defense off balance.

Everyone and his brother will tell you that BC is going to win this game and that's why I think we can pull this one out. The more BC hears about how great they are and how bad we are will help them to not show up at all.

Go get 'em boys, they are ripe for the taking.

But they ARE great and we ARE bad.....that could be the problem.

LOL .. just trying to be positive. I have seen worse underdogs beat bigger favourites. Take David and Goliath for example.

I hope you're right....you never know in the CFL so we can at least hope for the next few days---eventually something good has to happen!

You may be Bang On with this assesment!

I agree. I hate being 0-3, but it sure does let teams underestimate us.

I honestly think we've got a realy shot to surprise people in B.C.

i totally agree with u and i think it will be a close game

i am not saying we will win but i think we can keep it close

and even if we keep it close against bc that should giv us some confidence.....because bc is so good

IF the Cats beat BC, I would not want to be in the Lions locker room when Wally speaks!!

The Ticats will their first game at some point this year. :thup:

Whoever it is that get's beat will be in the "Dog House" for that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Boys, boys, boys. What have you been smoking? The Lions are the class of the league and playing at home. They still have QB Jarious Jackson who Chris Schultz says could start on most CFL teams, plus Pearce who will start. All the receivers and backs are healthy and htey are a very formidable group. Miles and Johnson still anchor a very strong D.

I wish it could be otherwise, but 0-4 is more likely.

An Argo-Cat fan

A little history:

In the last week of the 91 regular season Hamilton went to BC with a record of 2-15. Flutie was the QB then and BC was favoured by at least 3 TD's.

Long story short.. Hamilton won by about 2 TD's

Don't think we can't pull out a win in BC.

Honestly, I think IF the Ti-Cats can keep the penalties down and stop making the mental & rookie errors... there is no reason it won't be a good football game that we've got a fair chance of winning. Remember, our guys are hungry for a win and looking to prove themselves, what better opportunity?

That said, I'm thinking that most likely we'll see what we saw last week: improvement in key areas, but not enough to beat the best team in the league.

Who are you? Michael Vick?

Can I have some of what you are smoking wlanders?

Exactly what I was thinking. I remember that game. Folks, even great teams have difficulty bringing their 'A' game every week. I know it's unlikely, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. I believe.

Just high on life. :wink: However, I hear BC is good place to go if you need a little something. :lol:

This is the week for the first win! BC is ripe for the pickin.

I was driving home today and happend to think about the game. I thought to myself, watch the Cats win against BC.

Hamilton will have a good football team once things come together
They are almost together

Hamilton will win on Thursday night

This is a team that has won 22% of thier games since 2003.To expect a win against B.C.is the delusion of the most cock-eyed optomist.B.c. COULD START STEVIE WONDER AT q.b. AND BEAT US BY TWELVE.THE CARETAKER a.k.a. TEPPERMANS DEMOLITION KNOWS THIS AND SO SHOULD ALL OF YOU.

You aren't Harold Ballard are you? :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan