BC releases Simmons

Just read that the Lions have released Tony Simmons. Not sure what to think of it, and does his salary still count in the cap? Since he is not a 6 year vet,he no longer gets paid, right?

If he was carried over the labor day weekend I believe his salary would be included but as far as paying him for the rest of the year I am unsure. Maybe some one else could let us know Ro you know?
This is a puzzler Wally was very high on this guy what changed that?

Seeing how I dont care for the cap I really dont follow it.:wink:

As for paying him for the rest of the season, I dont believe any contract is guaranteed.

My guess is bad knees RW2005. Theres a Canadian kid on special teams named Josh Boden. He has pretty good speed. Maybe we’ll see him.

Wally made mention that this would be Simmonds year to perform or else. Guess “or else” just kicked in!

Just wait, you will see Tony back in the CFL as a Ti Cat.

Ya sporty he seems injured a lot. Was he injured and just came of the injury list? Because if he was not then Wally should have done this weeks ago.

ya dan simmons would be a good addition to a struggling ti cat team their receivers let down casey printers sometimes on the those drops

Agreed the Cats should pick him up as the receiving corp is paper thin in the Hammer.

I think Wally wanted to see if he had anything left. Don't know why he waited so long.

I agree with Dan, I bet he turns up in Hamilton with Printers throwing to him. They both connected when Printers played in BC.

Stay Tuned!

....seems a little injury prone....but he could get a shot with the Cats...and hope everything hangs together...Simmons is a talented receiver...

The guy gets a lot of hype and type for someone who is 32 and has missed more games than he has played and caught maybe 40 passes in 3 years…

I’ll be surprised if anyone picks him up…
And I’ll be annoyed if the Riders do…

Players with 6 yrs experience in the CFL who are on the roster on Labour Day, have their contracts guaranteed for the remainder of the season. This is Simmon's 3rd season. Why would the Ti-Cats want Simmons when they already have Armstead, a sprinter who can't catch and gets injured too often?