BC Releases Jarious Jackson

8) The BC Lions have released veteran QB Jarious Jackson today.
  Jackson has spent his entire 7 year CFL career with the Lions, mainly as a back up QB.

WTF?? lol

It was reported yesterday that they were going to offer him a job on the coaching staff.

With salary cap in mind, would he be a better back up than QP?

If the guy has been a backup for 7 years, I don't want him either.

A legitimate backup QB gets to start after at MOST 4 years as a backup. That is why I think that Porter will stay ( & flourish) if successful, or get cut otherwise. If you haven't ( or couldn't ) learn the position after 4 years - you likely never will.....

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Better than QP? Haven't you seen Porter play, the guys a stud...
Hes still young, all he needs is a few more years learning the game and then watch out were guanna have the next AC...

What have you been sniffing???????????????? :thdn:

We need a purple sarcasm font :cowboy: