BC Releases Haugabook

I posted this over on the CFL.ca board, but thought I’d give you all a heads up.

The BC Lions have released QB Omar Haugabook. With 5 quarterbacks on the roster, it was inevitable one would be leaving. The former Troy University 2 time all-conference gunslinger was the head beneath the axe.

A faithful Lions Den board poster had this to say about Haugabook the day before cuts:

Omar Haugabook: great practice. Super fast instincts to escape pressure. Strong arm. Not textbook throwing mechanics, but Printers didn’t have them either. He also looks poised, authoritative, decisive.

Here are two videos I posted on the Lions board before the cut. This will give you a good idea of what Haugabook brings to the table.

1.) http://youtube.com/watch?v=bZOjI5wISaA
2.) http://youtube.com/watch?v=V8pjZwOdYbM

B.C.'s loss could be another team’s gain. This man is incredibly fast (lower 4.4 range), a strong runner, elusive and able to escape pressure easily, and has a strong arm. His throwing motion is very similar to Tennessee Titan’s QB Vince Young, with the short arm action. This was the primary reason he was not drafted in the NFL. Regardless, Haugabook is a prolific quarterback who deserves a shot in the CFL.

Let’s hope someone realizes his abilities and signs him before the season starts.

so what do you all think?

I'm sure that there's at least one team (maybe two) who would snap him up if he's that good.

So are you Hogsbook's agent or something?

Man we're a cynical bunch around here..lol

haha, you're the second person to ask me that today Drexl. To answer, no, I am not. Omar Haugabook played for the Troy University, where I graduated from. After watching him earn 2 all-conference first team QB spots and mutliple MVP awards, I can honestly say he is one of the best QBs out of this past class.

Oh and Drexl...

"Do not repeat the methods which have won you victory in the past, rather, allow your tactics to be dictated by the ever changing variables of war." - Sun Tzu Liao

I guess for his sake, but what does it matter to anyone around here?..Or you for that matter?

I’m confused.

Nevermind. This answers my question.

If he is as good as you say, I hope he doesn't end up in the East.

heres his college bio http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/player/pr ... rId=184540

how is hamilton in the qb depth issue? i understand yall just signed casey printers, and also have chang from hawaii. however, chang has never been more than a system guy, so i don't know how any of the ticat faithful feel about him.

To some, he's the second coming. To some others, he's a whiner that got in over his head.

In Hamilton, Printers is the starter, Williams is the backup, and Porter looks like he will be the kid who gets groomed into eventually challenging for #2. Obie and Coach Bellefuelle like Porter.

Chang will soon be unemployed. He is apparently throwing poorly at camp, and is also a Desjardins guy, not an Obie guy.

Well Chang's confidence is shot and Porter had a lousy career at BC, they rave about his mechanics, but I just see him as another stiff prototypical NFL qb.

And nice Sun tzu quote, my only knowledge of sun tzu comes from watching the movie Wall Street lol.

thanks for the info guys. i'm feeling around the league through the message boards, trying to see who is in need of a QB and where I can get some hype going. I'm not his agent, just a fan. I believe in Omar, and I know for a fact whoever ends up picking him up is going to land a very loyal and very talented QB who can compete for a starting job soon.

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I’d say that the Als are his best bet to catch on. All they have is Calvillo and a prayer which means all they have is a prayer.

An Argo-Cat fan

That's what I was thinking, BF. Possibly Winnipeg. Who do they have behind Dinwiddie??

Well TrojanDeltaChi,

If you're a Trojan you might as well stick around and see how two of our Troy players already on the roster do. Jonathan Carter and Charles Thomas they are a bit older than Haugabook but if your a fan your a fan of anyone who has dawned the Crimson, Black, Gray and White!

I'm a Miami Hurricane fan and I follow any players that go pro.

Thanks GBonds, I wasn't aware we had players in Hamilton! Oh, and the colors are Cardinal, Silver, and Black. :wink:

Once again I'm a Hurricanes fan LOL. Cardinal - Crimson, Silver - Gray. same thing :stuck_out_tongue: Another thing about Troy... It says Troy State beside the players but the University doesn't go by that at all. I've also searched for any school named Troy State and all that comes up is Troy University. Whats up with that?

we went through a name change and rebranding in early 2005. we dropped the state, but a lot of media such as the magazines you pick up on the street haven't caught on yet. the woes of being a smaller division 1 program in the sun belt conference. but don't get me wrong, we're a quality team, we beat our share of the big boys, just a small school. we took florida to the wire last season, score almost 40 points on 'em under haugabook's leadership. most points scored on the gators at home in over a decade.