BC Releases Haugabook

The BC Lions have released QB Omar Haugabook. With 5 quarterbacks on the roster, it was inevitable one would be leaving. The former Troy University 2 time all-conference gunslinger was the head beneath the axe.

A faithful Lions Den board poster had this to say about Haugabook the day before cuts:

Omar Haugabook: great practice. Super fast instincts to escape pressure. Strong arm. Not textbook throwing mechanics, but Printers didn't have them either. He also looks poised, authoritative, decisive.

Here are two videos I posted on the Lions board before the cut. This will give you a good idea of what Haugabook brings to the table.

1.) Oklahoma State @ Troy 9/14/07 - YouTube
2.) Troy vs. MTSU 2007 - YouTube

B.C.'s loss could be another team's gain. This man is incredibly fast (lower 4.4 range), a strong runner, elusive and able to escape pressure easily, and has a strong arm. His throwing motion is very similar to Tennessee Titan's QB Vince Young, with the short arm action. This was the primary reason he was not drafted in the NFL. Regardless, Haugabook is a prolific quarterback who deserves a shot in the CFL.

Let's hope someone realizes his abilities and signs him before the season starts.

Sounds like Omar's agent has joined us here.

Wally is good at finding Quality QB's. This time, I'll trust his judgement.

Ok, I’m the one who voted yes, I’d be a hypocrite otherwise, if anyone has read the next great CFL QB thread, I’m the one who actually brought this kids name up. One can never really tell if a college kid is gonna be great at any level, but I like this kids chances, if he gets siqned by someone else.

haha, well i'm not his agent. omar played for the college i graduated from, so i've had plenty of opporunities to watchin him play. because of that, i really believe he will be an amazing qb in the cfl, i just hope someone gives him a chance.

With the thousands of players that graduate from college football every year, just think how many great players never get a chance to play again.

Who the hell is Omar Haugabook?


It was reported he was released after the Lion's rookie camp because he had "happy feet", or more percisely, he wanted to take off and scramble on every play. But the Lion's wanted him to stay in the pocket and pass the ball. No such luck. Their other QB prospect, Zac Champion, I guess was more what they were looking for as the 3rd or 4th QB.