BC QB problems get worse!

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QB says he won't forget 'people kicking me while I was down'

By Lowell Ullrich,
Vancouver Province

The fickle nature of Casey Printers' profession is on the mind of the 24-year-old quarterback, who is being told at his NFL auditions he is at the perfect time in his career to bolt the Lions.

It may also explain why he levelled what may be a parting blast at Wally Buono on Thursday.

Printers confirmed he has been told by the coach of the CFL team he would be the starter if he returns next season.

But he also restated concerns over the lack of communication between him and the Lions coaching staff.

"I will not forget how I was treated this past year as far as people kicking me while I was down.

"I won't forget how I was toyed with," said Printers, who had a shoulder problem the club could not diagnose accurately.

"That will always stick with me."

The feeling Printers gets now is that Buono wants him instead of Dave Dickenson.
"That's really [being] fickle to me. Obviously, people have changed their tune. They want me to be the starting quarterback," Printers said.

Buono' response was: "If we're going to get things resolved he's got to think that and we've got to think that too, to a point."

That's not what Dickenson wanted to hear. "I don't want to be anyone's second choice," he said from Calgary.

Printers is re-assessing his NFL chances upon starting option-year tryouts this week, which continued Thursday with the Kansas City Chiefs.

"I asked, 'Is it time for me to come out?' The consensus was they stop recruiting guys from Canada about the age of 28 or 29," he said.

"It was very shocking. Everybody's telling me you need more years to develop. These guys are telling me otherwise."

There are other communication gaps.

Printers repeatedly tells print reporters he has no phone, but lashed out Thursday on CKST/The Team during his second local radio interview this week.

Without prompting, he again brought up being benched in the 2004 Grey Cup, and said he was bothered when he had to start last year when Dickenson was a late scratch due to back spasms.

"Why wouldn't you receive a call from your coaches saying, 'Be ready'?" he asked. "That stuff really bothers me."

Not enough, however, to turn his back on Buono if he offers up a contract.

"I still want to be a B.C. Lion because of the city," he told the station. "I don't know where I'd be if people weren't coming up on a daily basis saying how 'we really respect and idolize you.'"

"The [NFL] situations that are occurring, I may have [an] opportunity, but there has to be a total commitment for me to sign a deal."

It's hard to gauge the Lions' commitment to Printers as Buono starts a month-long vacation.

........wah wah wah.............what a whiny baby........good ridance I say, go have fun holding a clipboard in the NFL.........who needs ya........

buono isnt handling this very well....now he has BOTH QB's upset.

Ouch, that’s a messy situation in BC sounds like to me. I’m sure it will get resolved one way or another, particularly if Printers is able to land an NFL position. Should be interesting to watch, I wonder if it will cost Buono his job at some point if it gets messier.

He's complaining that he was asked to play without being told to be ready? Isn't it the job of the backup quarterback to be ready in case he has to play?

This year, Dickenson was by far the better quarterback. Weren't the Lions 11-0 under Dickenson, and 1-6 under Printers? I know the QB wasn't the only position that had problems this year, but when the records are that different, that says something.

Now the Lions are screwing over Dickenson the way they screwed over Printers last year. Nice. People say this kind of controversy (two good QBs) is a good one to have, but I couldn't disagree more, especially when one of them is a Terrell-Owens-style whiner.

I even offered to drive him to the airport....

I swear the media here is a division of the National Enquirer. They just love stiring things up and playing one against the other.

I'm willing to bet that this gets even uglier before it gets resolved.

...I guess this leaves D.D. as the main-man for the Leos....oh well Buck Pierce don't look too bad...Casey has to go down south and GROW-UP.....then maybe his career will get back on track... :arrow:

there is a very good reason why everyone is picking the Lions to go down next season.

Buck Pierce can't hod his own in a game and it shows.

with DD and Printers upset, gona be a hard road for them.

That is exactly what the job of a "backup" is!! Obviously they are not the starter and rarely get to hone their skills in a game situation, which is why they practice all week long......To be ready!!!!! But when you go (as B.D. stated) 1-6 doesn't sound like you were too ready in my book!

I can remember many years ago when the N.Y. Islanders were winning 4 cups in a row, they had a backup goaltender to Billy Smith by the name of Roland Melonson. This man wasn't JUST a backup. Even though Al Arbour went with Smith in the playoffs, it was the play of Melonson in the regular season for at least a couple of years, posting better numbers then Smith, that got them into the playoffs in the first place.

And this man NEVER complained about his role, unlike many of today's athletes (mostly american) who just do not seem to grasp what the role of a backup entails!

and as far as i am concerned...geo......you just hit on what makes a winner...it's called being a team player ...if some of these 'prima donnas' of today ...would check their egos at the door they would be surprised at how much more successful their team would be... :idea: .

Buck Pierce is a very capable backup. I feel confident with him as backup.

Its the starting QB thing thats the problem

What is Wally thinking? Offering Printers $400 000! They guy has played 16 or 17 good games and every other one he played, he was just OK. Spend the money on the o line, and let printers go. :x

exactly how i feel....spend that cash on O-line, unless just singing and trading printers FOR o-linemen.

Exactly what I hope he is doing. DD is a standup guy, and one of the best qbs this league will ever see, if given the protection to do his job. It would be heartbreaking to see him go.

I bet DD’s pretty pis*ed off right now about the possible signing of Printers for $400,000 a year. I don’t think it’s really that good of an idea to be spending that kind of money on a guy who had one superb season and then one mediocre season. And in the games he started this year i think he was ?1-6? or something.

its this kind of thinking that makes me believe its a sign and trade...

i bet another team has told the Lions...sign printers then trade him to us for X, Y and Z players.

if its NOT a sign-and-trade, then i really think the Lions won't make the playoffs next year.