BC QB Jackson out for season


Bombers should be on the phone right now trying to deal Bishop. Do not laugh, Wally B is a Bishop fan, howbout Bishop to Simon? I like the sound of that.

And that would leave us with 2 QBs who have never started in the CFL. Haven't people already bashed Kelly because we started the season with #1 and #2 QBs having little to no starting experience.

You're not seriosuly believing that Wally would trade Geroy Simon for an arm punter with 48% completion percentage and more INT's than TD passes? Tell me I read that wrong.

I meant Bishop to Simon would be sweet, you know, Bishop would throw the ball and Simon would run underneath and catch it, something Bomber receivers have not been able to do. LOL

Paul Pearson says....."I meant" ? Did you not mean to say "he meant" ? You scared me for a moment :lol:

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Hic ut calcitro clunis

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Location: Vancouver, BC Jarious Jackson is out three to five weeks with shoulder injury

CKNW is reporting he is done for the season. His MRI today showed a torn rotator cuff.

Updated to 3-5 weeks

...not good news for Wally....he better 'tune-up' Lulay or whoever....It looks like they could be in the same boat as us shortly or worse, if Bucky gets concussed again.... Just goes to show ya. how things can change quickly,in this league :roll: