BC Pussycats win- Give them credit!!


Hats off to the Lions for winning a game they had to. It was there for the taking for my riders with the Lions doing everything they could to hand it to us in the first quarter. The better team won last night as the Lions outplayed my riders just like my Riders outplayed Calgary the week before. The key play was the botched punt return at the end of the first half. Still, the Lions are due credit as Pierce played above average and their running game controlled the clock and momentum. Still, my Riders were in it until the end. If only Paul McCallum had played we would have had a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great find your new kicker is BC Lions fans. He is superb punting and place kicking. Boy, does this make the West interesting again. O.k. - I'll say it again, Lions rule , Riders drooled this week.

Rider Pride Nation Wide
Riders will Return!!!!!!!!! :thup: :rockin:

Crazy Arzz Bird.....

....did O'Neil Wilson ever play for T.O.,,,,,What an Argo bounce...usually the green guys are getting those :wink: Better team on the day won that one..Bombers have been trying to pry Sean Whyte out of B.C. for the last couple years....now i see why :wink:

The yo yo continues in the west.


We tried hard to hand the victory to you in the first Quarter.

Jacques Chapedelaine has got to go...... First and Goal from the 1 yard line and they throw a pass to a lineman????? :roll: :roll: :roll: That gets intercepted!

lol I know. I'm sure you had the same thought "Oh @#%$ not this again!". But the Lions gave their heads a shake and put it together.
I actually ran into Geroy Simon tonight (aparently he lives in my neighbourhood as I've seen him around here a few times) and congratulated him on the win. All he had to say was "Yeah, that was nice for a change". I think the Lions are even more releaved as we are! :smiley:

Shawn Whyte is for sure the big story this year in BC. The kid is amazing. You can see why Wally kept him around for so long. My question is why didn't he play him sooner. No offense to Paul, but a kicker like Whyte can really make difference in the CFL. he should have been a starter last year.

Then again who knows, maybe he wasn't as good in practice. Perhaps he's stepped up his game now that he has the start.

Ya he has been one of the few consistent positives for us so far.

Ill do my best rider fan impression here. Waa waa waa that headline is so misleading please mods do something or Ill PM the guy Waa waa.

^ Don’t forget the toolbag Wally comments and how Lion fans are the most classless fans in the league and how the team is not well supported. Or how the players are classless and start beer can throwing wars.

I think it's hilarious that you guys posted your comments in a topic where a Riders fan is actually giving the Lions credit.

And posts like yours go a long way to dispelling that notion........ :wink: