BC Pussycats will not defend Grey Cup successfully!


You heard it here 1st. Marty York,on a sports talk show today said the Lions will not repeat as champs. They will be the target of all teams and they are not hungry having won the Cup last year",said York.

If York is right who is your pick to win it all this season,and, who will have the worst record in the league. there you have it pick 1st and last.

Grey Cup Champs = Saskatchewan Roughriders

Worst Record = Winnipeg Blue Bombers!!!!!!!! :rockin:

Well despite the fact that the Lions have managed to retain most of their dominant team from last year, it is very hard to repeat as champions, even in the CFL. But if there is a team that is capable of repeating the last couple of years, the Lions this year are probably the best bet.

Well then we didnt hear it here first, did we?

way too hard to tell who will be the best and worst after an off-season of so much change

a good bet for the worst again is still hamilton however. they've made few improvements - if any - compared to the other teams who've all been at work and made big trades/deals to give themselves chances at improvement.

this team will win some games evnetually but compared to the other 7 teams they've still got the most improvements to make. on a side note i still regret losing corey holmes to the ti-cats

Got to love that bold prediction. Most people pick one team they think will be champs. York picks seven. :?