BC Pussycats Season Done!!!!!!!!!!!

:cowboy: Wow. How the mighty have fallen!!!

To lose two games at home this badly (other one against the Stamps) will not bring the fans out anymore in LotusLand. This is the worst possible situation in Vancouver because once the Canucks start their training camp the Pussycats will be ignored by the fickle WestCoast fans for the rest of the season. BC fans are notorious for supporting winners not losers just like they are unloyal to friends and neighbours when it is convenient unlike prairie and East Coast Canadians who stick by teams, family and friends forever!!! Sad situation because Wally is an honourable man. Seems when Bobby Ackles passed on the fortunes of the Pussycats nosedived. How sad because whether or not we dislike the Lions and Argos and smug people from Toronto and BC, we need them in our CFL league to make it truly Canadian and successful. Please improve Pussycats and Argonuts for all of our sakes. so to help out Wally and the situation I have composed a song to brighten and help the Pussycats:

(sung to the tune of the Beatles song - ‘HELP’ (for Wally to Casey)

We need somebody
Not just anybody
You know We need someone

When I was coach before Much younger than today
I never needed anybody’s
HELP in anyway
But now these days are gone
I’m not so self assured
Now I find I’ve changed my mind
I’ll open up the door

Casey, Help me if you can
I’m feeling down
and I do appreciate you being
Help me get my feet back on the ground
Won’t you Please, PLEASE HELP ME - Casey!!! Casey Casey OOH!!!

:rockin: :D

Help me cuz you know
I’m feeling down
and I do appreciate
you being 'round
Help me get my feet
back on the floor
Won’t you please, please

But the riders lost to BC and have only won 1 of our last 3, or is it 1 out of our last 4? Is there a Beatles song for that? LOL

Bidding war between BC & TO for Casey..........

Won't you please, please, help me, help meeeeee :lol:

:D :D

Last I looked the Riders are still tied for first in the WEST while the Pussycats are in last place!!!!
Furthermore, the Riders are the only team to give the Als a game this year and they did so on the road in Montreal. Well done Riders - you will come along just fine.
Best wishes to the sad sack Pussycats though. Wow, how sad are they!!!!!!! :oops:

So you think people are fickle for staying away from a stuffy, sterile dome in the summer when the home team turns in two listless, crappy performances while there's a multitude of other entertainment and recreational options? Give your head a shake.

And your patronizing parody of "Help" sucks too.

Turkey, how much did you have to drink last night? You're not making any sense. Edmonton is now half a game ahead of the Riders, giving them sole possession of first. The Riders will only be tied for first if Edmonton loses to Hamilton next week. And the Riders weren't the only team to "give the Als a game." Hamilton played well against them. Oh, and Edmonton BEAT THEM! You'll notice Montreal is 7-1. That 1 was because of Edmonton.

You're losing it, man... Better take a sick day. :wink:

I love the myth that there's a plethora of entertainment options that exist in Vancouver.

Never in my life have I enjoyed a Winnipeg win....until last night. Even though my beloved Riders lost, I just can't help giggling all day today. My car could get stolen, my house broken into, my wife could leave, my dog could bite me and I'd still have reason to laugh today.

Poor Wally, so sad....hehehehe Maybe next year you'll break the record....I gotta stop, I'm getting a stitch in my side....no way, that was to funny....ok,ok,ok, Deep breaths...1....2....3............BAHAHAHAHAHAHa.....its not working.

yeah... sure the Lions are tied for 3rd in the west while your Riders are tied for first. But don't act like the Riders are miles ahead. It's not like the Riders are 6 or 8 points ahead, it's a measly 2 points... that's right.. just one win.

And yes.. how sad the Lions are.... sad enough to have split the 2 games against your Riders and hold a +11 point advantage in those 2 games... that must make your Riders pretty sad too.

No way the Lions are done for the year. Just cuz a team loses a couple of stinkers at home doesn't mean they are done for the year. I hope they are but the fact is they aren't.

The whole West division are pussycats. Not one team in the bunch with a defense.

The Riders have a good D. Their O just keeps killing them with turnovers.

I do agree that the East seems to have the better D on average this season. That being said, I haven't consulted a single stat on the subject and am quite prepared to discover that the East is statistically worse than the West in the D department. :wink:

Edmonton probably has the best defense in the west, Sask is no great shakes, giving up a league high 32 points per game and 120 yards rushing per game. Calgary & BC can’t stop the run to save their lives.

With Wally Buono only one win away from tying Don Mathews record for head coaching wins, the question is will he even tie the record this year, let alone pass it? They way I see it, there are no more wins available in the schedual, especially with both Pierce and Jackson out of the picture for the forseeable future…

...all you eastern fans please, :lol: , you're hurting my ribs from laughing, :lol: , 'cant stop the run'...wanna talk East versus West GC wins in the last decade or so?...yeah, thought so....

Avg Yds
Rushing allowed
MTL 67.1
TOR 86.0
EDM 96.3
WPG 97.9
SSK 120.5
HAM 129.6
CAL 144.1
BC 156.1

...no doubting stats, that wasn't my point though, it was that last year about this time my team, for example, couldn't stop the run at that time either...things change.....

Casey will LEAD them :wink:

Where ? well ....

So you think people are fickle for staying away from a stuffy, sterile dome in the summer when the home team turns in two listless, crappy performances while there's a multitude of other entertainment and recreational options?

This is what fans do. It's not our problem that you built a stuffy dome. The Riders have also turned in 'two listless, crappy performances' at home this year and Taylor field is still nearly sold out every game.

I want to believe this mystique of the rider fans are there through thick and thin. The way some of our fans go off after a loss during a 12-6 season, I hope to god we never miss the playoffs.