BC players awards

In 2006, BC dominated individual awards. This season, BC has good chances to win again but probably won't dominate. Perhaps, rookie, offensive lineman, and special teams?

BC should win those three you mentioned , but I think they won't give it to Murphy due the bad rap he's been getting . I still think he should . The very fact so much of the opposition focuses on him speaks volumes. They're all worried about him ahead of time.

Think that #82 takes the Top Canadian.

Brown is a good lineman, but he has what 7 sacks this year? I think he's good vocally as a leader, but i think Clermont has the edge, from his performance the last few games.

And I agree, pennw, I think the politics will play a role in Goodspeed from Wpg winning the lineman award. Not to take anything away from Goodspeed, but I think Murphy had another award winning performance and it would be a shame if he lost because of reputation.

But I would be really surprised if Dorsey beats out Smartie. And if Cam Wake doesn't come home with 2 awards I'll be vomitting.