BC Place

bc place needs to find a way to make it a retractable roof, so that they can have usmmer day games in the daylight.

Well with a new roof comming:

[url=http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=9639952c-aa59-4849-bef0-1fdc28acad78&k=83682]http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news ... 78&k=83682[/url]

Time to start lobbying for a RETRACTABLE ROOF! Sure would be nice on those hot July days! :smiley: :?

Well I'm warming up a heaping plate of crow for myself.

But I still can't see this happening!

not sure if this already been said, but I am sure the building was not made to handle a retractable roof. I wouldnt feel too comfortable going inside it.

...The current structure cannot entertain a retractable roof....a secondary 'shell' structure would be required to support a roof structure....the secondary structure would be outside of the current structure and given the close proximity to existing roads and other buildings around BC Place this may not be feasible...

The cost of building new infrastructure over/around the current stadium would be enormous. If they want to go down that route, rather than half-assing it, they should build a new stadium or at least drastically alter the existing stadium.

Geez Red, let me dream will ya! :lol: :lol: :lol:

At least with them sinking money into a new roof, it will keep the developers away for a while!

dont know if this has been mentioned already, but watching the news, I had an awful thought. NO nothing like that, just football related.

They were talking about not knowing if they could do the roof by Olympics. I am thinking, if its that tight, and they go ahead and try, most likely, they will end up screwing up the lions 09 season??

Anybody heard any official talk about that?

I think it's a no brainer, a retractable roof would be the way to go all things considered. But as mentioned, can it be done in time for the Olympics and at what cost since more construction needed since the stadium wasn't designed for this. And then, is the building in good enough shape to justify spending a lot on a retractable roof?

I have a gut feeling that they will go with a cheap inflatable roof, even though there are costs keeping it inflated all the time, rather than locking themselves into a much better roof but maybe (and again, I'm not familiar with BC Place so I don't know) also locking themselves into a stadium that isn't what they ultimately want for whatever in the longer term.

But on the TV, from someone who doesn't know the stadium, it looks like a great Canadian football stadium. Hopefully none of this will affect the Lions, that wouldn't be good unless there is a deal with the soccer guy Kerfoot and his proposed new soccer stadium. But I dont' think this proposed soccer stadium is big enough and isn't off the ground yet, is this right?

...earl, there is no possible way to design/approve/build a retractable roof before the 2010 Olympics....some thing like that would be a few years in the making, and there is less than two to opening day....

...even a new inflatable one would be tight, and chances are the powers tha be would want to do it in 2009 from June to October, the least rainiest time of the year in Vancouver, so this could very well affect the Lions season....

So, what are you saying then Red? The project won't happen in time for the Olympics?

What they were talking about on the radio yesterday was interesting. They could build the new roof over top of the existing roof and then "deflate" the old roof. The only inconvenience would be outside the stadium as the road ways, sidewalks, parking stalls would be plugged with scaffolding and cranes.

Its not just the Lions being inconvenienced. The Car show, Boat show, Home show are three huge, huge trade shows that come to mind that could also be effected.

As for going at it with the soccer people, their plan is only for a 25,000 seat stadium. Far too small! We would never see a Grey Cup game in Vancouver if that happened. Plus I would never want to go back to those cold chilly wet October days sitting outside.

Interesting, sounds like a bit of a nightmare though with so many variables involved and not a lot of time.

What might happen Earl, is the Lions may have to work the schedule around it. We might have 4 home games in a row, and then go on the road for 5 or 6 games. A little inconvenience, but I'll take that if it means Long term gain.

...my opinion Earl (and +20 years in large commercial construction makes it an educated one), but the only viable option they have with the time left until the Games commence is to replace the old air-supported roof with a new air-supported roof, or go with no roof at all...given the weather in February in Vancouver the second option really isn't an option at all....

...tell you this though boys, I was with Dominion Construction in Vancouver for many years and still have friends there...as they are the named contractor of choice for the BC Place owners I'll see what kind of inside info I can get and share it with you here...

Thanks Red......Thats the name the radio mentioned yesterday.

Inside information.....a scoop for CFL.ca!

They designed and built the entire stadium in two years, so I don't think it's a problem building a new roof in the same time span.

They fastracked the stadium construction by designing an external shell to fit around a CFL field and began construction before they had even designed the interior configuration. It was built on-time and on-budget...with steep penalties for the builders if they did not deliver.

...indeed they did Xvys, in a virtually empty False Creek, in the early eighties when contractors did renos for resturants in return for food with a municipal government eager to build build build....the construction industry in Vancouver is in a crunch time right now, which means shortages in labour all 'round...BC Place is also hemmed in on ALL sides now, a virtual nightmare to stage any substantial construction operation....design alone on a stand alone roof, I'm not talking working drawings here to facilitate construction, just plain old 'what does this thing look like' will take months....then your permit processes will take months....this would be a HUGE undertaking....impossible?...no...improbable?...yup...

After this winter "from hel*" here in the east, I bet you'll see a lot of well-heeled easterners who have just retired heading out to Vancouver area to retire in. Which makes me think there will be even more pressure to build residential homes, complexes, you have to wonder if the stadium in it's current location will stay. Who knows but any inside info Red would be great.

Here is the latest update:

[url=http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=4a39da76-43ee-47e5-b115-059ba8658833&k=68042]http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news ... 33&k=68042[/url]

I only posted the link rather than the whole story. The story is long.

Oh a retractable roof would be so nice! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Red & White, any juicy gossip from your "Inside Sources" yet? :wink: :wink: