bc place was jumping last night

i do know about anybody else but bc place was very noisy last night, excellent crowed almost 35'000 realy supried about that. know if the lions could win both of these games on the road, and have another first place showdone with the roughriders, i bet you they get close to forty thousand.exspecally in buck pierce statrs those games, i think JJ is done as a starter, infact if wally starts him against montreal and looses he is going to lose a lot of fan's.

That was excellent to see and not one BC fan with a pumpkin on their head unlike another teams fans with the melons LOL. But that was very good for the BC Lions and the league.

Agreed, the crowd was exceptional last night. Very very very loud and it seemed like everyone was into it. Nice size crowd too. 4000 more fans last night than at the Eskies game.

Good job fans.

I thought the eskies had more then 44,000 ? Lat time I heard 44,000 is higher then 35,000

Fantastic attendance across the country this past week. The C.F.L. is alive and well.

Win or loose this week fans in the seats show us we dont need NFL in Canada! 4 downs are 4 wimps

Last I heard the Lions had 30,000 at home against the Eskimos and 34,000 against the Stamps. 34,000-30,000 = 4000. I wasn't talking about the Eskimos Riders game, I was talking about the Lions Eskimos game at BC Place.