BC Place to become open-air!

That'll be nice for the fans! Don't know if I like the "hockey-style" JumboTron hanging over the field!

Why go to that extra expense when you could put 4 scoreboards around the stadium or 2 in down-sized endzones? They could really do without the upper decks in the 'zones!

[url=http://www.bcplacestadium.com/newsreleases/BC_Place_Future.pdf]http://www.bcplacestadium.com/newsrelea ... Future.pdf[/url]

Hey ub40, you'll like it, go to the Cowboys site and this is exactly what they are doing with their new billion dollar plus stadium. Looks friggin awesome!


Yup! Earl! That's what I was thinkin'! Thx for the link!

But, for cryin' out loud! Why couldn't this have been done FOR the Olympics rather than AFTER?

An opening ceremony indoors? It's gross! The closing ceremony at Sarajevo '84 was inside the hockey arena and it SUCKED!

Winter Olympics "stuff" shouldn't be held under teflon... construction should've been well under way by now!

To get it done would have cost million more in overtime cost. Out here the Unions demand (and get) Double time for overtime, so a big portion of the costs would have been "overruns" The taxpayers would have revolted!

The sale of umbrellas will go through the roof. :wink:

Don't need umbrellas, we just will shut the roof!

Interesting idea. The bubble roof is a bit creepy in some ways. You have to have been there to know what I mean.

About the upper deck end zone seats.. they are actually the best end zone seats of any stadium I have been to and I have been to 5. In the corners of the end zones the upper deck is right on top of it pretty much. Great view and 7-11 here sells 2 end zone tickets for $40. So I have to say no to removing those seats..