BC Place Seating Capacity

Would a fellow Lions fan please help me out ?

I have gone nuts on the internet trying to find out the capacity of the LOWER BOWL.

All I can find is " just under 27,000 "

Does anyone know the exact number ?

Trying to find out what a sold out game will be.

Also, I know a lot of ticket holders in the upper deck are livid over being pushed down.

Thanks in advance for the info provided.

I can’t find the quote but I saw something about a month ago from the Lions (on Twitter) that capacity this year is 27,500.

OK , Thanks. Sounds like a rounded number. Unless the bowl was built with that number.

Regardless, hope they have a few sell outs.

I have said this before. They better have that upper bowl curtained off. All those orange empty seats will look bad on tv .

i think they are more red than orange :slight_smile:

Dennis Skulsky was on TSN radio the other day and was asked this very question. He said "27,000." However, I've learned to take everything he says with a grain of salt, so I would go with the 27,500 number I've heard from multiple other sources.

Call up BC Place and ask them. They're in the phone book.

I was sure it was 27,500 myself

It used to he 29,000+

That was before the renovations.