Bc place roof collaspsie's

[url=http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=448f933e-b377-43ba-9c63-2b5edd334690&k=79296]http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news ... 90&k=79296[/url]

Happy no one got hurt

It speaks volumes of the upkeep of our sports infrastructure in this country... one more reason to look into renovating and rebuilding stadia through public and/or private means.

Right, somebody should look into that. But who?

Did you actually read the article? The roof was collapsed on purpose after it was torn by wind. They've been having some crazy weather on the west coast.

"The roof at B.C. Place stadium was purposefully collapsed today after it was damaged by wind."

"The roof is held up by air pressure, so even a tiny tear in the fabric could cause the roof to collapse. The stadium is home to the B.C. Lions football club, and its construction was completed in 1983."

It wasn't that the roof was in poor condition. It was just bad luck.

I was responding to the early reports that hadn't mentioned the intentional deflation.

Regardless the a thousand pound section of flying tarp should not be the case in anything less than hurricane conditions.

Hi all;

With the 2010 Olympics coming up, it's best that the flaw in the roof show itself now, rather than during an event with 40-60,000 people inside.

Time for a new roof.........not a biggie really....I think fabric roofs held up by air-pressure are the safest for the public. Even with a huge section missing like the other day, they still had to intentionally collapse it.

but if a rare winter tornato went through bc and hit bc place what would happen then?if i do recall we had a rare winter tornato last year ,i live near where it struck down .and it also damaged lawfeild school.