BC Place Roof Collapses!

if they were to tear down BC place, are there plans to build another Stadium?

BC Place isn't supposed to last past the Olympics. I'm pretty sure that's its last hurrah. But after they tear it down after 2010, they'll have to build a new stadium for the Lions.

One of the news clips I saw spoke about the rumors about tearing it down. They said that there are no plans to do so. It also mentioned its booked an average of 221 days a year, why tear it down???

They're already booking events for 2012 in the Dome so this whole thing of tearing it down after 2010 is just a rumor.


None of the false-rumours about BC Place being bantied about in this thread and elsewhere originate here in BC from any authentic sources , such as the govt., or the Lions or the stadium itself.
1 .) No ,there is no talk of BC Place being torn down after 2010 , nor has there ever been other than from rumour mongers.
2.) The roof is not being replaced at this point , as already mentioned ,it is being repaired with a new panel .
3.) There will never be a retractable roof on BC Place nor will it ever be an open dome , either idea is impossible as it was engineered with roof on it that it has .
4.) BC fans ,in general, don't have a problem with the stadium being covered or the size of it . We don't like sitting in heavy downpours. 50,000 plus crowds for playoffs are a good thing . This rumour is a fabrication of the hockey-loving media.

Where do some of you guys come up with this stuff?
What we do know is that the roof itself was supposed to last 25 years and it is almost that old now. It is being repaired and any descions from the BC govt about it are being avoided publicly . They've been avoiding the topic.

But with what has happened and 2010 coming up fast I would expect a new roof on it before the Olympics to avoid such a thing from possibly happening during the games or shortly before , as that is one embarrassment the Government will want to avoid at all costs on the international stage.

If it does get a new roof before 2010 it should be good to go for another 25 years. There is no way the BC government wants to pay for a new stadium , heck they don't even want to pay for the roof . But now they won't have a choice , which may be a good thing.

And one more thing , all your stadiums other than Toronto's are far older than BC Place. Why don't some of you start rumours of new Stadiums going up in some of your own towns instead of the same old BS about BC Place?

Sure like to know where you heard that from, because no such plans exist!

PennW covers most of the comments well.

I have to laugh at the local talk shows. Every one wants an out door stadium. How short their memories are! Remember the Pidgeon poop raining down at old Empire Stadium? Remember those cold wet windy games? I do, and I'll take the comfort of BC Place any day!

Maybe we can send some of our Big 'O' specialists to help you guys out. If there is one thing that these guys are used to, it's fixing roofs :lol:

They have booked through 2012 now, so the rumour of the demise of BC Place shortly after the Olys is...false.

Update ....

BC PLace gives in ..... "There were 3 reasons ...

  1. weakness in the fabric

  2. increase in pressurization

  3. the wind

LOL ... they did blow it up!

Yah what the paper said happened was that there was snow on the roof and instead of turning on the expensive heaters to melt it off, they tried to inflate and compress the roof in an attempt to bang it off. anyways they inflated it 3 times the regular pressure and BANG

Lou passaglia was practicing FG's when the roof went down but was out in more than enought time. It's planned to be fixed by the next show on the 15th but the weather's sure not helping.

Also the stadiums fine and the whitecaps stadiums only gonna be 15000 for now and can be expanded to a max 30000 so It may be a little small for a CFL team. I say we just rebuild Empire to create another rediculus rumor.

No, the ridiculous rumour is that the Lions would play out of Ottawa if they can't fix the roof in time for the 2007 season!

The Ottawa Lions.....Hmmmmm

Actually the big rumour is David Braley wants to buy BC Place and run it for....wait.... a profit! The BC Government currently runs it as a loss!

Ah Empire Stadium now that was fun!


It won't be like an old-fashioned roof-raising, but are going ahead with plans to reinflate the dome that covers B.C. Place Stadium.

Engineering, technical and safety teams met Thursday to prepare for the event this morning, although officials say weather could delay the inflation.

Stadium general manager Howard Crosley says they wanted to bring in the best possible team to ensure the job is done safely.

The process begins with a slow inflation around the edges of the dome, with the centre of the roof being the last portion to inflate.

B.C. Place officials say as the roof rises, there will be loud sounds as the cables and associated structure adjust to the pressure.

Afterwards, an inspection of the roof and the interior will be carried out by an engineering team to ensure the building is safe and secure for occupation.

We could be witnessing some history here with these types of dome stadiums being less and less all the time.
In a few years people will be saying, remember the days when technology only allowed for a roof over such a large building to be an inflatable dome. But I guess on the other hand, it really is an inexpensive way to put a roof on a building so maybe we could see more. I think the football field at Varsity in Toronto and Frank Clair uses a bubble so the fields can be used in winter and it is cheap.

Just a follow up, if anyone has access to the Vancouver Province Wednesday's addition, GM Bobby Ackles shot down all the Anti BC Place Naysayers in a letter to the editor. He listed several good arguments on why BC PLace should stay. Coupled with the fact the David Braley wants to buy the dome from the BC Government and run it for a profit will hopefully put an end to the "demolition" rumours.

I read that too Sport , in fact Ackles apparently always keeps reminding the Government just how good and important a facility BC Place is.
Stan Hagen came out last week and said that the future for BC Place after 2010 is up in the air. Anything is possible according to him , privatization or selling it off to developers.
Of course the real estate agents want it to go to condos because that way they can get money out of it , but Mayor Sam Sullivan has come out in full support of keeping BC Place going stating how important it is to the city.
And surprisingly the NDP has come out in support now too.
Hopefully it stays , because I don't think we'll ever get another stadium if it goes down.
BTW , the roof is now up , just saw it on the news.

Vancouver needs BC Place. Without it, the city will become a joke on the world scene.

Hagen is an idiot, always was, and always will be. He doesn’t know his as$ from a hole in the ground.

Leave the BC Place info to actual Vancouverites.

From what I hear there are events booked right through 2012 (if someone else hasn't mentioned it already).

Query: Do we build stadiums to last for only 20-30 years now?