BC Place Roof Collapses!

This just happened the last 20 minutes

Go to www.cknw.com

They are covering this live!

A small hole started and the roof deflated in minutes!

Apparently, Its happened in both Minnesota and the Pontiac Dome in Michigam a few years ago.

wow....wasn't expecting that.

new roof for the lions?


The inflated roof at B.C. Place stadium in Vancouver has collapsed, but no one is reported hurt.

The fabric dome came down into the bowl of the stadium during a storm that brought wind and heavy, wet snow to the area.

Witnesses say a section of roof came loose at a concrete rim on the building and began flapping in the wind, which released the air pressure inside the fabric, possibly leading to the collapse.

It appears there was no event in the stadium, which is home to the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League.

Maybe we'll get a retractable dome! :slight_smile:

No more marshmellow!!

Wow this is insane!

Good picture Drummer!

Interesting stat.....222 days are booked in BC Place 12.7 million dollars in revenue.

Its good to hear no one was hurt.

This is another reason that we need to look into revitalizing our sports infrastructure in Canada.

Holy ****!

You start, joedav. I am sure somebody will follow.

At the News Conference, they told the reporters that because of the original "tear" in the roof, the maintenance crew intentionally let the air out to replace a panel.

Stay tuned!

To put a stop to the "Potential Rumours".....

(1) No, they are not going to tear down BC Place.

(2) No, they are not going to build a new Stadium with the White Caps.

(3) No, they are not going to play out of Ottawa this year as the Ottawa Lions!

BC Place should get a new retractable or transparent roof! It collapsing could be good for the league!

Thanks... ron... thanks.

It was a general statement about the upkeep of certain public facilities. I don't see your point.

Obviously no one person is going to stop stadia from crumbling..

I don't have a plan..

All I wanted to say was that there's obviously a need ...thats all... a need... when all 3 domes in this country have had partial or complete roof collapses.

I don't see why you had to reply like that.

I think they should pull the roof off for good.


the guy on the radio said theres no drainage in BC place, so without a roof, theres no place for water and snow to drain to.

they'd have to shop-vac it all out every time.

Here is some video

[url=http://video.sympatico.msn.com/v/en-ca/v.htm?g=d3b6a318-7452-49e9-ad3f-4814ed631c45&f=rss37]http://video.sympatico.msn.com/v/en-ca/ ... 45&f=rss37[/url]

Can't do that, the interior of the stadium wasn't designed to be exposed to the weather.

i read somewhere today, that the new panel will arrive next week.

There is a show of some sorts at the end of the month and the roof is supposed to be ready by then