BC place/retractable roof in jeopardy

The provincial government has put the project on hold and may cancel it altogether.


Friggen Govt!!

always screwing with sports!

This deal is as dead as a...

ya this Government has all the Money for Schools and Hospitals but none for a retractable dome , give me a break .

Public pressure could save it. If there is any that is.

That's going to be difficult as they are introducing a new Tax for us called the HST , and they just announced this week of a deficit of 3 Billion Dollars .
I'm expecting next week that the Sky is falling and a massive cloud of Locusts are heading our way.

I won't go so far as to say this is good news...but if this new roof doesnt happen is there any chance of a new stadium being built by somebody? A nice OUTDOOR GRASS stadium around 30,000...it would be prefect for both the Lions and the Whitecaps. I know this can't/won't happen but this is just the opinion and wishfull thinking of a fan from London who can't stand watching games in empty, giant cavernous domes. I might be wrong but watching on tv it doesnt look like BC Place is a cozy place to watch anything. Looks like the Skydome only...worse.....

Given all the Olympic cost overruns (much like the people who campaigned against the Olympics predicted), something has to get cut. A stadium roof is an easy thing for politicians to cut, because generally speaking Canadians don't care. :?

Repairing the old roof is more practical and affordable than a new roof as I suggested earlier. Government growing deficits may be fine temporarily, but harmful and unsustainable in the long term. Hopefully, the Whitecaps can stay in league without a new roof.

Don't do it its a MONEY PIT !!!!!! (A guy from Montreal) :wink:

For sure, too much money in these times and I doubt there will be money made on the Olympics to help pay for such an expensive roof.

They just had Lenerduzzi on 1040 am , he says the project is not canceled but the Tenduring process is been delayed , he said that if the Project is canceled their could be a major Problem with Vancouver receiving a MLS team, as the condition was that they needed a new stadium or a retractable roof .

I would say it's no big deal if Vancouver doesn't get an MLS team but that's just my take on it because I don't care about the MLS but I'm sure some people in Vancouver who are soccer nuts would care.

Why not just remove the roof?


Earl, just like here in Toronto, there are maybe 19,000-20,000 people who like TFC, the same number is probably involved in Vancouver.
Rendering soccer and the MLS irrelevant.

Im not much of a fan anymore but to put a MLS team right downtown would probably increase attendance to about 20k per game . when the Whitecaps were in the NASL they would pull in around 50k it was quite a site . plus the Downtown buisnesses would benefit as well . where the Caps play now there is nothing around so you just go home after the Games.

As far as just taking off the Roof , we would be playing games in the Dark as most of the Lighting is suspended from it. But seeing from your location I take it you have never been there.

I doubt that BC Place has the drainage to handle the rain without a roof, so it would be more than just taking the roof off.
It's odd that the provincial government would try to add the retractable BC Place roof to the Olympics when the roof won't be done until well after the games have ended, if ever.
It's not surprising that the Winter Olympics will lose money, but that's ok. I'm sure legacy facilities like the ski jumping towers, the luge track, and the speed skating oval will be used by dozens of people. It's not like investing in a stadium, which no one would ever use.

If it does get canceled and not just delayed, I REALLY hope they clean the roof for the first time in decades. You can see dust flows in it!!! :oops:

Agreed. There's lots of things like that stadium roof that really need to be scrubbed up before the Olympics come to town.

Ya like the Downtown Eastside.