BC Place now has the mystique...

Seems like there is no longer the fear there once was for opponents to play at Commonwealth. As Toronto showed tonight (and last season), it is possible to win in Edmonton. I'm not just saying this because I'm a Lions fan, but I would have to say BC Place is the toughest place to play for opposing teams now. Lions have won 11 in a row there (dating back to July 2004). What do you guys think?

They are pretty impressive so far...........I think every one fears them where ever the game is.

I agree hellothere, but I'm just saying that winning 11 in a row is very impressive and that there really seems to be a 'dome field advantage' for the Lions at BC Place. The fans show up in droves now, and it can get very noisy and intimidating for visiting teams to play there. It's hard for an opponent to think/expect to win at BC Place when it hasn't been done since July 9, 2004.

Being a Lions fan and attending home games, I must admit I've been a pretty spoiled fan over the last 13 or so months!

YEP............lets hope it all contiues...........it is certainly great news for B.C. and the whole CFL..........

Agreed hellothere. Really like your positive attitude! The Lions are averaging 30,825 fans over 5 home games PRE-LABOUR DAY! This is outstanding news for Braley, Ackles and the Lions organization. And we still have upcoming home games against Montreal, Saskatchewan (x2) and Winnipeg. Our attendance against Hamilton impressed me the most (33,119 against an 0-8 team). Lions fans are showing up!

Well..........I don't love .......B.C. [the team] , but B.C. is one of the most beautiful provinces in CANADA. I love .........VAN , the city.

A team in B.C..........is crucial to the CFL..........and this coming from a TORONTO fan..

BUT, I love the CFL..........and you are beating us in attendece by about 2,000 per game............BUT........things are doing well in both TORONTO and B.C.

The B.C. owners will make a profit this year and that makes ALL of the CFL look good..............!

We had the BILLS to compete with , and you had the S. SEA HAWKS to compete with.................both CFL teams are winning fans back..........How can I be negitive about that? :wink: :lol: :smiley:

30,825 is great.... but i long for the days of 50,000+ a game... man... those 80's.... while they sucked in so many ways.... they were good for one thing.... Lions football... i remember those days so well... so loud... so electric... there was just a charged atmosphere every game... pre and post labour day... it was like last years west final.... only EVERY GAME... i hope we can get back to the 50,000 crowds someday...

Chronicguy, I was just a wee lad in the 80's but I'm sure having 50+ consistently would have been amazing! To me, 30,000+ is a huge crowd considering some of the attendance we had in the 90's. I was at the WDF last year and it was UNBELIEVABLE. I couldn't hear myself think. I'm happy that people are no longer complaining about BC Place, but rather are embracing it as the Leos Den. There's a sort of swagger and comfort level it seems with the fans and BC Place now. If only they could upgrade the scoreboad, soundsystem and put fireworks in, everything would be great!

Calgary and Sask both beat them last year in back to back games in BC Place at the end of the season as far as I am concerned. I do agree it is the worst environment to play in though.

Well as far as you're concerned doesn't matter... cuz the Lions won those games... whether you agree or not... beat Calgary 19 - 17 and Sask. 40 - 38
and i'm sure there are games your team won that others might have thought they didn't deserve to win... but they still count just the same... and i'm sure you'd defend any questionable wins by your team...

Ahh the moral victory!!!!!
Its the official cry of the loser

..............I'd have to agree that given the high calibre of football the Lions are playing and the noise 30,000+ fans can make in a closed environment that BC Place has to be the most intimidating place for the other eight teams to visit.......

Too bad Pamela Anderson isn’t at the Leos games anymore since she was discovered on the big screen at a game. She should have seasons tickets behind the visiting teams playing bench. Now there’s the 13th man.

UnreadRiders, you forgot to add the Western Final into that mix of whining. Shouldn’t you guys have won that too? Were the fans being too loud and unfair to the Riders? It was a conspiracy that BC won that game, right?

No doubt BC Place is the reigning den of misery for the opposition, but look out Leos, the Bombers are 3 - 0 at home as of late and looking impressive.

I win. Didn't even have to whine and two Lion fan trolls pop up. You're right RedandWhite, EE fans aren't the worst anymore. :smiley:

you're right Unrealriders, EE fans are the worst anymore, it's always been the Riders' fans

I’ll cut you some slack because you are a Riders fan. Your team is pretty bad this season. I hope you stick with them though, despite their poor record. That’s what true fans do.

yeah… you made a stupid and pointless comment and i responded… you could have said the same thing about any team and i still would have responded the same way… hell… you go say that about any team and you’ll get their fans telling you it doesn’t matter how you see the outcome of a game in your head… what matters is the final score… and how is me pointing out what a stupid comment you just made make me one of the “worst”?

i think it looks worse to come in here and say “in my mind they lost those games”… can you say sore loser??..

All I can say is that for every 'questionable' win that the Lions had last season, the Riders had the same if not more.