BC PLace gets roof & Lions get temp home

According to the Vancouver Sun

Here is the good/expensive news...

The aging roof at BC Place will be replaced after the Olympics by a $458 million retractable roof, BC Pavilion Corp. chair David Podmore confirmed Friday morning.
This is a little more of a surprise...
Podmore said the cost will include building a temporary facility for the B.C. Lions and the Vancouver Whitecaps at the PNE to be used during construction.
That's an expensive roof. Not Big-O expensive... yet. Hopefully it comes in on time and under budget.

...erecting a temporary 30K seat stadium at the PNE grounds will be interesting....I suppose it could go right where the old Empire Stadium was, there is still the field there with a couple of baseball diamonds to be removed....I wonder though why not take use of soemthing that is already semi-existing, like Swangard or Thunderbird stadiums where a grandstand already exists?...locals, thoughts?....

That's excellent news and while it sounds expensive, heck it is, for what the stadium will bring it will be half the cost of what such a stadium would be at that level of sophistication if constructed from scratch. That roof cost includes the costs that have gone into it for the Olympics as well I think. And the temp stadium. Being used for both MLS and the CFL is perfect, the way to go. Baseball and football/soccer stadiums are not the way to go.

...off topic, although it's only been done a couple of times that I can think of, BC Place can be configured to play MLB....

Yes, I remembe seeing an exhibition game there between Seattle and someone, probably twenty years ago on CTV I think.
The right field seats roll back; it looks much like the Metrodome.

Who cares, the Twins are getting out of the Metrodome which basically is the equivalent of BC Place for baseball. MLB doesn't want these types of stadiums for baseball, they want baseball specific stadiums for baseball. I'm not saying the Metrodome is the equivalent of what the new BC Place will be with this awesome looking retractable roof, not at all, it could very well house an MLB team successfully. But let's face it, BC Place was not built with baseball in mind as it's first tenant and how many teams in MLB make money besides a select few? Would there be investors for MLB in BC Place in Vancouver? I don't know but I doubt it.

Now that being said, I do question the motives of spending close to a half a billion dollars for the Lions which are never going to sell-out BC Place for regular season games, and neither will the Caps. So the question remains, is the BC government looking to lure an NFL team with spending this money? hmmmmmm... I don't know.

It'll be interesting if this ends up like McGill in Montreal, where the fans just love the atmosphere of the smaller (temp) venue, I kinda doubt it since it's just a temp venue but it'll be interesting how the fans respond to being outdoors (where the game should be played) for football.

Upper bowl is blocked for Caps games, they can sell out:

And there are constantly other evnts in the stadium, not just sports. They get concerts, there will be a lot more now with the new upgrades. Tradeshows as well.

I'm curious about the roof expense on its own. That's a pretty penny, but it should come from the Government's olympic pocket. It's quite clear that there are very big plans in place.

That's a lot of money for a new roof. Could they not build a brand new stadium for that price? Keeping in mind that's on some prime real estate.

Interesting to see how the stadium will look like when it's done. I wouldn't be surprised if lion fans want an outdoor stadium after. Alot of people dislike BC place, especially in the summer. I guess that's why they're going with the retractable roof. Although some really poor planning, in that the stadium will only be ready after the olympics.

Those pockets are empty.
I read that the cost for the roof is a fixed price and will not change.

The games haven yet to begin. Substantial tax dollars haven't even checked into their hotels.

Uhhuh, the Olympics sure paid off for Montreal and so many other cities.
I srsly doubt that those pockets will ever get refilled.

At least you acknowledge there's more than one pocket. Montreal would too.

All I'm sayin' is I'm not holding my breath that we'll make much off it, if anything.

Back to the MLB thing… BC Place was built for the MLB if you look at the 1991 MLB All Star Program it talks about the 1995 MLB all Star game in Vancouver

The stadium looks antibaseball, it might be able to house baseball, I don't question that, but baseball would have to be desperate to go into a stadium that is not baseball specific because that's what all the new baseball stadiums are nowadays.

The billion dollars for the RIO beside the stadium included olympic pools, a velodrome, 2 housing complex, 2 practice field and the rowing facilities. The roof at BC Place is a lot more money than the Big O roof. Half a bill for a roof is crazy IMO but BC has huge budget surplus :thup:

Man do those soccer fans whine, whine, whine, below is a comment about BC Place on the TFC forum:

Sadly the pitch will be turf. Supposedly really good turf, but fake stuff nevertheless. Nice buliding and all, but the turf thing saddens me. One step forward, two steps back.

Can those guys never be happy or what? :roll: Another guy on the forum blames it on the Lions. Of course they have to blame somebody for not the perfect soccer stadium. Whiners.

Good news, but why not build the temp stadium at UBC, and leave 10,000+ behind after the renos?